Israel Alarcon

Director of Quality Assurance and Project Management

Israel Alarcon is the safety king. He brings years of juvenile industry experience in quality assurance and compliance ensuring Safe Sleep Practices, Child Passenger Safety, as well as making sure all mandatory and voluntary industry standards as dictated by the CPSC are met and exceeded.

Israel likes to think of Baby’s Journey as the “salmon” in the Juvenile industry; always swimming against the stream, but by doing so, the company is able to create the most unique and innovative products on the market.

Although he doesn’t have any kids of his own, as the first born, he had the opportunity to assist his parents with daily chores such as changing diapers, preparing bottles, installing car seats, taking siblings to the baby sitters and taking them to school. He carried this responsibility into his late teens, as his siblings were born 5 to 6 years apart.

Just like Indiana Jones, Israel has a paralyzing fear of snakes and he’s not ashamed to admit it.  But just like the fictional hero, Israel uses this one fear as a reminder that he’s not afraid of anything else which helps him to live and experience life to its fullest.