Steven Gibree

Founder, President

Steven Gibree, otherwise known as “Gib” to close family and friends, is the Founder, President, Chief Product Innovator and resident Fisherman on staff. A good conversation starter includes asking him about fishing or what he’s caught recently. Really. Steve brings over 25 years in the juvenile and toy industry engineering, developing and innovating new products.

Steve’s mantra that drives Baby’s Journey is for everyone to remember, “It is personal, not just business! We take our customers’, retailers’ and employees’ needs to heart!” He is very proud of the experienced management team, both professionally and personally, and the insights that they bring from years of hands-on parenting.

Steve is the busy dad of four and encourages parents to establish a good sleep routine early-on, even if it means letting them cry it out, “Tough Love is generally tougher on the parents than the kids!”

Most people don’t know that Steve was an action hero early on in his career. It’s true! As a design engineer at Hasbro in the late 80’s, Steve had a GI Joe 12” figure, “Grunt” sculpted to his likeness. As GI Joe would say “Knowing is half the battle.”