Baby Jogger City Select Review

Baby Jogger City Select Review (After 4+ Years of Use)

Last Updated on June 28, 2021

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We started our stroller research journey months before our first child was born. After countless hours reviewing strollers online and many test drives at BuyBuy Baby or Babies R Us (when they had stores), we finally went with the Baby Jogger City Select stroller.

We didn’t know for sure at the time whether we were going to have a second child. However, we knew we needed a stroller that was flexible, easy to use, and could expand for a future baby should we have another.

We’ll cover why we love and highly recommend this stroller in this Baby Jogger City Select review. We’ll also share what we think could be better after pushing this stroller for hundreds of miles and over 4 years of use with our kids.

Things to Consider in a Travel System Stroller

Size & Weight

Travel System strollers are generally heavier than a standard full-size stroller and certainly bigger than an umbrella stroller. This is due to the thicker frame to hold multiple children and the car seat also adds some weight. 

If you’re looking for a cheap and lightweight stroller, this isn’t the one for you.

Ease of Use

These strollers make it easy to move your baby from the car to the stroller quickly and without hassle. You keep the baby strapped into the seat, detach it from the base, and click it into place on the stroller.

When it comes to putting the stroller away, most can be folded up quickly with either one or two hands. Since these strollers are bulkier, they often require the use of two hands.

All-in-One Design

If you like the convenience of having car seat compatibility with your stroller, a travel system stroller is just what you need. The design allows you to use the stroller from birth all the way through the toddler years with your child.

Seating Flexibility & Options

Flexibility in the seating options is especially important if you’re having more than one child – whether it’s twins or children born in different years. Convertible strollers can act as double strollers with one child in a car seat while the other sits in the second seat up front. You can also have both in car seats or use a second seat if they’re around the same age.

Many of these strollers also allow you to have parent facing or forward facing seats. This lets you keep your eye on the little one while your toddler can have the freedom to hop out when you say they can.


Given the higher investment in these strollers, you’ll want one that’s in it for the long haul. You’ll want a stroller that’s made with a sturdy frame and durable fabric that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. 

It’ll take a beating after countless times being dragged in and out of the car.

Review of the Baby Jogger City Select

The Baby Jogger City Select is a versatile stroller that can be a roomy single stroller or converted into a double stroller with attachments. The ability to convert from a single to double stroller is perfect for growing families that have one, two, three, or more children.

Baby Jogger City Select

It’s called the City Select for a reason, the modular design means you can set up the stroller in 16 different configurations. You can use it with two car seats, a second seat, a car seat and a toddler seat, or attach a bassinet for your newborn.

The flexibility of the Baby Jogger City Select doesn’t stop there. You can have the seats either front-facing or rear-facing so you can keep your eyes on the little one if you need to.

While the stroller doesn’t come with a car seat, it’s built to work with the City GO 2. Otherwise, you can purchase car seat adapters (sold separately) to work with your favorite model. This is what we ended up doing with the Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit we purchased.

The Baby Jogger City Select made our list of the best strollers. It is perfect for your first child or a second-time parent who wants an all-in-one system that can convert from a single stroller to double with ease. The number of configuration options with the Select means you’ll be able to find a setup that works for your baby and you.


  • Higher number of seat configuration options
  • Large canopy has a peek-a-boo window with magnetic closure
  • Reversible seats to face forward or backward
  • Easily converts from a single to double stroller with a second seat
  • Stroller holds toddlers up to 45 lbs per seat
  • Converts into a full travel system (car seat adapter and attachments sold separately)
  • Able to push up to three children at once (Glider Board sold separately)
  • Back of the seat reclines and includes an adjustable leg rest for added child comfort
  • Telescoping handlebar to find a comfortable height
  • Smooth riding all-terrain wheels
  • Parking brake on the handlebar


  • Unable to fold the stroller with one hand
  • Baby Jogger strollers are on the higher end when it comes to pricing

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller Features & Benefits

Wheels & Maneuverability

The Baby Jogger City Select features four wheels which are able to handle most terrains. The front wheels are 8 inches and lightweight for easier turning. The rear wheels are larger at 12 inches and have forever-air tires which will help it handle rough terrain and bumps (or curbs).

The swivel front wheels help the stroller make super tight turns in crowded spaces. They can also be locked in place if you prefer them to be stationary.

When it comes to safety, the Select stroller has a parking hand brake on the handlebar to keep the rear wheels locked in place. This is extremely useful if you’re on a sloped hill or in an uneven parking lot getting your child loaded up.

Car Seat Compatibility

The Baby Jogger City Select has compatibility with the City GO 2 infant car seats, but it can work with nearly every model with separate car seat adapters. This allows you to move the baby from the car to the stroller with ease.

Seat Function

This is where the Baby Jogger City Select’s flexibility really shines. There are 16 unique seating configurations with this stroller when you add in a second seat, bassinet, or infant car seat. The two seats can be rotated 180 degrees, but the seat in the front will likely be forward-facing to make it easier for your older child to get in and out.

The second seat can be turned to face you if you have an infant over 6 months old that you’re pushing. Having two seats effectively turns this single stroller into a double stroller that takes up practically the same space.

The seats come with a 5-point harness to keep your little secure in their seat. You can also use it as a 3-point belt as your child gets older.

Additionally, the back of the seat can recline in multiple positions and the footwell can also be adjusted based on your child’s height. This helps your little one get in a quick nap during busy days.

Setup & Ease of Use

The setup on the Select is relatively easy with very little assembly required out of the box. When you purchase the attachments, they just simply slide in the designated slots and click into place.

Using the City Select stroller couldn’t be easier from how it unfolds to the super-smooth glide while pushing it. Everything on the stroller is designed to make your experience with the stroller enjoyable and rather uneventful (that’s a good thing).

Folding, Weight, and Portability

The Baby Jogger City Select is a bit heavier with a stroller weight of 35 lbs, however, this is about average for most travel systems. The weight might be one of our main complaints about the stroller, but the stroller frame is strong and the quality construction has held up well to a lot of tough love over the years.

For comparison, the Baby Jogger City Mini 2 is only 18.8 pounds, so the City Select is more bulky and heavier than standard single strollers.

It can also fold up quickly and easily with two hands so you can toss it in the car and go. You just pull up on the latches on the sides and the City Select basically folds itself up.

In terms of weight capacity, the seat that comes with the stroller holds babies that are at least 6 months old and are under the maximum weight limit of 45 lbs. This means you’ll likely be able to push your child in the stroller until they’re around 5 or 6 years old.


The only storage space this stroller offers is the storage basket on the bottom. The storage basket is a good size and we’ve been able to fit our diaper bag, purse, snacks, and light jackets in there – all at the same time. However, it can be a struggle to get larger bags in and out of the basket with the seats attached.

Another item you’ll have to purchase separately is a cup holder or parent console to hold your drinks, keys, or phone. This is not included with the stroller and the one from Baby Jogger is rather expensive.

Sun Shade & Protection

The City Select features a UV 50+ sun canopy that can be adjusted based on the height of your baby. It offers excellent protection and shade from the sun for you little ones.

The sun canopy also has a magnetic closure peek-a-boo window that stays shut and is easy to open to check in on your baby.

Extra Attachments

If you have more than two children, you may want to consider purchasing the Glider Board. This is a stroller board attachment that mounts between the rear wheels for a third child to hop on. 

Of course, you better have some muscles to push three kids around!

What’s the difference between the Baby Jogger City Select and City Select LUX strollers?

Most of the features are identical between the Baby Jogger City Select and the City Select LUX versions. They both have the ability to convert to a double stroller, have similar all-terrain wheels, work with most of the same attachments, and offer similar comfort options for the baby and you.

However, there are a few main differences between the stroller models:

  1. Riding Configurations: There are 20 seating configuration options on the LUX as opposed to the 16 on the non-LUX model. The main difference is the ability to add a bench seat attachment to hold children up to 65 lbs.
  2. Handlebar Brake System: The handlebar has a decelerating brake to allow the stroller down slowly or completely lock the rear wheels.
  3. Stroller Folding: The LUX folds up 30% more compact than the regular City Select and it has an auto lock function to keep it closed.
  4. Color Options: The LUX comes in more trendy colors like slate grey and taupe, but most options on both strollers are shades of black, grey, blue, and tan.
  5. Price: The LUX has a higher retail price given the slightly more advanced features and higher end design.

In all, there really isn’t a significant difference between the two models. Most parents won’t use the optional bench seat and I wouldn’t recommend buying it just for that feature given the mixed feedback on the seat.

The decelerating brake is a nice touch, but how often will you really be going down a steep hill to need it? 

Ultimately, it’s a matter of preference in the overall look and whether any one of the differences above is a deal-breaker for you.

Is the Baby Jogger City Select good for jogging?

No, the Baby Jogger City Select is not intended to be a jogging stroller or used for running.

The main reason is the 4-wheel design and heavier weight make it more difficult to maneuver than a jogging stroller with a 3-wheel design. It does have locking swivel front wheels for more control, but it’s not recommended for use as a jogger.

Alternative Strollers

The Baby Jogger City Select is an excellent stroller and checked off nearly all the boxes for us. However, we understand the price tag may be a bit high or maybe you’re looking for something a bit different. Here are some other options that we also like which might better suit your family’s needs.

Graco Modes Stroller

The Grace Modes is one of the highest-rated travel systems that’s built to grow with your child. It comes with the Graco Snug Ride Snug Lock 35 Infant Car Seat, which is one of the best car seats on the market, and also has a toddler seat when your child gets old enough.

Graco Modes Travel System

While it doesn’t convert to a double stroller, it has a lot of comfort features that you will love. The seat can be either forward or rear-facing, 4-position reclining seat, extra-large storage basket, and simple one-hand folding with the push of a button.

  • Easy to get your child in and out with a removable tray and armrests
  • Weight capacity of 50 lbs for use as your child grows from infant to toddler
  • Simple one-hand fold with self-standing and automatic storage latch
  • Comes with parent tray with cup holders and covered storage compartment
  • Front swivel wheels can be locked to improve maneuverability

The Graco Modes is great for new parents that want a stroller that will grow with their child. It doesn’t have the ability to expand to a double stroller, so you may have to buy another stroller down the road if you plan on a second child. However, the stroller is easy to use and comes with the comfort features most parents will love. 

Graco FastAction Fold Stroller

Famous for its fast-fold feature, Graco’s stroller can support your child up to 50 lbs. All systems come with a base and feature seats with multiple incline levels to provide maximum comfort for babies and toddlers.

Graco FastAction Fold Stroller

It includes swiveling front wheels and an extra-large basket, typical features of all the strollers included on this list. 

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easily maneuvered 
  • Easy in, easy out of cars
  • Convertible 3- and 5-point harness

As a more budget-friendly stroller, the Graco FastAction Fold is for families seeking the convenience of a high-quality stroller without spending too much of their money to do so.

Britax B-Agile B-Safe 35 Stroller

Perhaps the coolest feature of Britax’s system is that it features an integrated foot brake, one of those convenient little pieces to have that you wouldn’t usually think of. 

Britax B-Agile B-Safe 35 Stroller

It features all-wheel suspension and a “click and go” system that allows for easy transfer from car seat to stroller to house, in addition to multiple recline positions. It also features an extra-large storage compartment, which slightly edges out that of the Urbini. 

  • Much more expensive than Urbini Omni Plus
  • One hand quick fold feature
  • Auto level indicators
  • Spring-inclined assist

Those interested in a more refined, sleeker-looking stroller should check out the Britax B-Agile B-Safe 35.


As you’ve seen in our stroller review, the Baby Jogger City Select is one of the most convertible strollers on the market. It has the ability to become a double stroller and carry up to three children with the use of an optional Glider Board attachment. It has 16 different variations of seat configurations, all-terrain wheels to give it a super smooth ride, and it’s built to last.

This may be the only stroller you ever need no matter how many children you decide to have.

As proud owners of this stroller for over 3 years, we highly recommend the Baby Jogger City Select for parents looking for the flexibility and room for growth this stroller provides.

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