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Best Baby Jumper to Give Baby’s Legs a Workout

Last Updated on October 6, 2020

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Are you looking for a great way to introduce your baby to basic exercise? Baby jumpers provide a safe and enjoyable environment for your baby to build strength and improve coordination.

While babies enjoy their jumpers and attached toys, parents can join in or take the time to complete chores.

We’ve taken the hassle out of sourcing the best baby jumper for your family. Our top five baby jumpers list is sure to include a suitable jumper for you and your baby!

Too busy loving your little one? Here’s our top pick.

Our top pick for the best baby jumper is the Fisher-Price Animal Wonders Jumperoo. This unique activity center baby jumper combines value, features, and design to create an excellent product to get your baby moving.

The activity jumper comes with everything you’ll need to keep your baby entertained and engaged for a long time.

Don’t have much room in your house for a full-size activity jumper or looking for something different? Take a look at our other favorite jumpers for doorways, entertainment, and travel.

Our Top Jumper Picks

Best Overall Baby Jumper: Fisher-Price Animal Wonders Jumperoo Activity Center

Best Baby Jumper for Doorways: Evenflo Exersaucer Doorway Jumper

Best Budget Jumper: Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper

Best Entertainment Jumper: Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Activity Jumper

Best Lightweight Jumper for Travel: Summer Pop ‘n Jump Portable Activity Center

Reviews for the Best Baby Jumpers

If you want to know what features to keep in mind when searching for a baby bumper, take a look at the sections following the review. If you’re ready to find the right jumper for your family, let’s explore our top five choices in more detail.

Best Overall: Fisher-Price Animal Wonders Jumperoo Activity Center

Jumperoo Activity Jumper

Your baby will have access to a range of cute animal accessories, such as giraffes, pandas, elephants, and more. The toys light up and make noises, which can make the jumping experience more exciting for eager infants. They also make the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo which has different animal prints and toys.

One of our favorite features is the 360-degree movement the baby jumperoos provide. Your baby can follow you if you’re walking around the room or turn to face you if they were looking the other direction. This is also a good feature if you’re planning on playing with your baby while they’re in their jumper – it offers much more mobility without sacrificing safety.

Lastly, this is a product that can adapt as your baby continues to grow. With three different height settings, you will receive plenty of use from this product as your baby gets bigger. It’s also easy to remove the machine-washable seat pad, so you can quickly clean this jumper after a few uses.

As a company, Fisher-Price has been producing high-quality products for infants and babies since 1930. The company is a major player in the baby products industry – they’re trusted by thousands of parents across the country.


  • Activity jumper is made by an industry leader in infant products that makes quality baby gear
  • Offers 360-degree turning capabilities for baby to get a good view of everything
  • Activity center comes with toys that light up and make noise as your baby plays with them
  • Product is a reasonably priced, especially considering its features
  • Three adjustable height levels to accommodate your growing baby
  • Jumper comes with a seat that can be removed and is machine washable


  • Seat can be difficult to turn for young babies that haven’t developed core or leg strength
  • Not suitable for extremely small babies that can’t support themselves
  • Activity jumper is larger than other jumpers on our list if you have little space

Best Baby Jumper for Doorways: Evenflo Exersaucer Doorway Jumper

Exersaucer Door Jumper

If you’re searching for a baby jumper that’s compact enough to fit in a doorway, our favorite option is the Evenflo Exersaucer Jumper. This product is purpose-built for parents that need a doorway jumper for their baby.

While this baby jumper doesn’t offer extensive accessories or entertainment options, it takes up much less space than other jumpers on our list. You can attach this product to most indoor doorways. This also makes it suitable for taking on vacation.

The material used in this baby jumper is extremely soft, so you don’t need to worry about hard plastic products hurting your baby. The fabric is also easy to wash and clean.

The manufacturer recommends this jumper for babies that are at least four months old. The weight limit is 24 lbs.


  • Jumper will likely fit the door frame if it’s a standard design
  • Seat material is soft and easy-to-clean
  • Compact size means the jumper doesn’t take up much space
  • Jumper is produced by a reputable manufacturer
  • Price point is extremely affordable for a door jumper
  • Comes with 4 toys and activity accessories on the jumper


  • Not adjustable for different heights or sizes like an activity jumper would be
  • Must have a suitable door frame to attach the jumper
  • Toys may be hard to reach for infants since they hang down

Best Budget Jumper: Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper

Cheap Door Jumper

The Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper is another doorway product that we enjoy. If you’re searching for a budget option that includes plenty of features, we believe this is the best option. While you can access this baby jumper at an extremely affordable price, you’ll still benefit from accessories and features found in premium products.

This jumper includes two hanging toys from each side of the seat, which means your baby can reach up and play as they jump around. There’s also a “play tray” that makes it easy for your baby to play with toys or rest their arms.

While the seat remains the same size, you can adjust the height of the seat as your baby grows older. While this jumper is suitable for babies up to 11 months old, it has a maximum weight limit of 24 lbs.  

As with other doorway jumpers, this can be used on your next vacation. All you need is a suitable indoor doorway. We also like that parents can remove the washable seat for machine washing.


  • Jumper offers plenty of value and entertainment for an affordable price
  • Several toys attached to the baby jumper for your little one to play with
  • Includes a play tray that makes playing and resting easy for your baby
  • Baby jumper has easy to use height adjustments
  • Seat can be removed for cleaning and storage
  • Able to move the jumper to any suitable indoor doorway


  • Doesn’t have as many features as some premium jumpers
  • Need a sturdy door frame to place the jumper
  • Not suitable for extremely small babies that need support

Best Entertainment Jumper: Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Activity Jumper

Baby Einstein Activity Jumper

If you’re searching for a baby jumper that offers much more than just exercise benefits, our top pick for entertainment is the Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper. This unique baby jumper is themed like an underwater entertainment park. Your little one will be immersed in an ocean-themed world as they jump up and down in the jumper.

This jumper has a 360-degree movement capability that allows your baby to adjust which direction they’re facing. Additionally, your baby can learn numbers and colors in three languages – English, French, and Spanish. Parents with this baby jumper can add various toys onto the jumper using the extra loops included in the package.

The seat includes four height adjustments for your baby. You can also remove the seat of the baby jumper for a deep clean since it’s machine washable. The other plastic surfaces of the baby jumper can be wiped down with Dreft or sterilization wipes.

Baby Einstein is a well-regarded manufacturer in the baby industry. This is one of our favorite brands producing infant and baby products for young families.


  • Activity center jumper comes with a range of sea-themed toys
  • Able to add your own toys with extra loops
  • Baby can learn colors in French, English, and Spanish
  • Parents can remove the washable seat to give it a good cleaning
  • Your little one can move around and turn 360-degrees


  • More expensive than other options on our list
  • Takes up more space than other options on our list
  • Not suitable for babies that are already tall

Best Lightweight Jumper for Travel: Summer Pop ‘n Jump Portable Activity Center

Baby Jumper for Outdoors

If you’re searching for a fun baby jumper that you can take on your next family vacation, this is our top lightweight option that you can easily take on the road. The Summer Pop ‘n Jump Portable Activity Center offers plenty of features and benefits that your little one will enjoy.

Parents benefit from a foldable activity center design that makes it easy to pack away for your next vacation. Additionally, there’s a canopy that will protect your baby from the summer sun and heat if you’re looking to spend more time outdoors.

Your little one will have access to a range of enjoyable toys to keep them occupied as they jump. You can adjust the height of the jumper to three different levels as your little one grows.


  • Baby jumper quickly folds down (great for travel use)
  • Product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Canopy will protect your little one from the sun during your next vacation
  • Toys are included with the jumper to capture your baby’s attention
  • Jumper has three height adjustments for growing babies
  • Seat fabric is removable and machine washable


  • More expensive than many other options on our list
  • Width of the baby harness can’t be altered
  • Takes up more space than more compact doorway jumpers

Best Baby Jumper Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the perfect baby jumper for your family is essential if you want your baby to benefit from safe exercise. Before you purchase a baby jumper for your home, it’s essential to understand the product’s benefits and limitations.

In our buying guide, we’ll provide an overview of frequently asked questions about baby jumpers and the factors you should consider when purchasing a baby jumper. 

Do babies really need to exercise their legs?

While baby jumpers provide much-needed relief to parents that want to distract their babies, are they really necessary? If your baby is only a few months old, it might seem too early to start exercising.

So, what do the experts say? The earlier your baby begins exercising and developing their muscles, the better. By allowing your baby to exercise at a young age, you can improve their chances of normal development as they age.

In fact, many parents may depend on the use of strollers and other accessories too much. These prevent your baby from gaining important development benefits that are associated with exercise and other stimulating activities.

A jumper starts out by helping build leg and core muscles by making it easier to jump for baby. Over time, they’ll rely less on the jumper’s seat to help support their body weight.

Eventually, they’ll be able to stand up on their own without the use of the jumper.

What Age is Appropriate for Baby Jumpers?

While it’s evident that early-age exercise with a jumper is a good idea for your baby, there are age limits for baby jumpers. While there are some baby jumpers that can handle newborns for short periods of time (under supervision), most large baby jumpers will require your baby to be around six months old.

The exact age that’s appropriate for your baby will depend on their strength and size. Just make sure that your baby doesn’t use the jumper past the weight limit.

Never Leave Your Baby Unattended in a Jumper

While it’s okay to do chores in the vicinity of your baby when they’re in their jumper, you must never leave your baby unattended. If a baby twists into a dangerous position in their baby jumper, it can result in injury or even death. This is particularly dangerous if a baby falls asleep in a jumper.

Experts warn that you must only use your baby jumper when you can supervise the activity.

Are baby jumpers bad for babies?

While there have been incidents of injury, this is often the result of misuse or parents leaving their baby unattended as mentioned earlier. Accidents can happen if the activity jumper wasn’t built correctly or if the door jumper wasn’t mounted properly to the wall or door.

If you use the jumper following the manufacturer’s installation and usage directions, there should be very little chance for injury.

Types of Baby Jumpers

There are two main types of jumpers that you can get for your infant: an activity center or a door jumper. The best baby jumper for you will depend on what will work for your home and family.

Activity Center Jumper: This type of stationary jumper is often the best baby jumpers to keep your little one entertained with interactive toys, lights, and sounds. The baby’s jumper typically allows them to 360 degrees of rotation to check out everything around them and follow you around the room.

Doorway Jumpers: These jumpers mount directly to the door frame by hooking onto the trim to hold the baby up. Some use pressure to clamp to the wall above the door frame like a vise-grip. These are ideal if you have limited floor space in your home.

Features to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Baby Jumper

If you’re trying to find the most suitable baby jumper for your family, it’s essential to keep a few key features in mind. The products available on the market differentiate themselves based on design, weight restrictions, accessories, brand reliability, and a variety of other features.

Let’s explore which factors to consider when you’re deciding between multiple baby jumper products:

Overall Design: The first factor you should consider is the overall design of the baby jumper. For example, does the baby jumper allow for 360 degrees of movement? If so, your baby will be able to track your movements as you move across the room.

Size: Is the baby jumper compact? If you don’t have much room in your home, a smaller design will ensure your baby can use the jumper without impacting your floor space. The design of the baby jumper will play a major role in its suitability for your family. A door jumper is more compact and may work better than a full-sized activity center stationary jumper if you have an apartment or smaller home.

Weight Limits: While the exact age when a baby jumper is appropriate for your baby will depend on individual factors, it’s always important to consider the weight limits of your baby jumper.

Make sure to weigh your baby periodically to ensure the jumper is still suitable for their size. Babies can quickly gain weight during their formative months – ignoring this can create dangerous situations in your baby jumper.

Accessories and Extras:While the primary focus of a baby jumper is its use as an exercise tool, it’s also essential to consider the factors included with the jumper. Many of the leading baby jumpers on the market also have attached toys and accessories that will keep your baby’s attention. These toys ensure that your baby will enjoy entertainment when they’re using their jumper.

If you’re going to use your baby jumper as an opportunity to complete some much-needed tasks around your home, it’s a good idea to purchase a jumper that includes entertainment options.

Brand and Safety: We recommend purchasing jumpers for babies from recognized and reliable brands. Buying cheap baby jumpers from lesser-known manufacturers may put your baby at risk due to potential quality issues. It’s essential to source products from producers that prioritize baby safety.

We also believe that it’s best to avoid buying a second-hand baby jumper. If you’re not able to verify the condition of a used baby jumper, it might be unsafe for your baby. If you do decide to purchase a previously-used baby jumper, make sure to inspect it thoroughly for any faults.

Warranty: Lastly, it’s essential to consider the manufacturer’s warranty. If you’re planning on putting your baby jumper to good use, you don’t want the burden of the replacement costs if a manufacturing issue arises. Always double-check the warranty terms before you purchase a baby jumper.

Also, if you already have another baby on the way, it’s worthwhile buying a baby jumper with a warranty that will last for your next child.


All the jumpers mentioned on our list are suitable for parents that need a safe and enjoyable baby jumper for their infant. While each product has its own strengths, the Fisher-Price Animal Wonders Jumperoo is our pick for the best baby jumper because of price, accessories, adjustable features, and build quality. They also make the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo if that fits better with your baby decor.

While there’s no doubt that the Jumperoo is our top overall choice, the other options on our list may be better if you have specific requirements. If travel suitability is a must-have feature for your family, the Summer Pop ‘n Jump Portable Activity Center is our favorite option. If the price is a major factor, you’ll receive plenty of value from the Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper.

Choose the product that fits your needs, preferences, and budget!

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