Best Baby Monitor for Twins

Best Baby Monitor for Twins (or Multiples)

Last Updated on April 27, 2021

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Having twins often means purchasing two of nearly everything. From cribs, swings, clothes, bottles, pacifiers, or diapers – twins require a LOT of baby gear.

Thankfully, you don’t need to buy two separate baby monitors.

However, depending on where your twins or multiples will be sleeping, you may need to purchase two or more cameras that work with your monitor. Most brands of baby monitors will work across 2-4 rooms by connecting to multiple cameras.

Up there with strollers and car seats, the baby monitor is one of the most frequently used baby products. Anytime you put your babies to sleep in the first few years, you’ll be turning to the baby monitor to let you know when nap time is over or if they wake up during the night. 

So, which is the best monitor to keep an eye on your twins while they sleep?

Too busy loving your little one? Here’s our top pick.

Our top pick for the best baby monitors for twins or multiple children is the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

This is our favorite baby monitor for your twins since you can add up to 4 cameras, it’s great for traveling, and has interchangeable camera lenses to suit your specific needs.

We loved it so much that we purchased this baby monitor along with an extra camera to put up in another room. The ability to scan or cycle through each camera makes it easy to keep an eye on your babies throughout the night.

Hopefully having the right baby monitor for your twins will help prevent monkey business like this from occurring in your home…

Our Favorite Baby Monitors

Best Split Screen Baby Monitor
Moonybaby Split 55 Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras
Moonybaby Split 55 Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras

The award-winning MoonyBaby split-screen video baby monitor with 2 security cameras allow you to check on your baby from two different locations in your home. This is a baby monitor that gives you peace of mind.

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Best Baby Monitor for Twins & Multiples
Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor
Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

This baby monitor lets you keep tabs and talk to your little from another room. Enjoy full-color, wide-angle and zoom capabilities that allow you to keep a close eye on your baby from the comfort of your home.

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Best Budget Baby Monitor for Twins
Moonybaby Value 100 Non-WiFi Baby Monitor
Moonybaby Value 100 Non-WiFi Baby Monitor

Non-WiFi Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras and 2.4 Inch Monitor. Features a long-range signal, auto night vision, 2 way talk back, zoom, and voice activation.

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Motorola Video Baby Monitor Motorola Video Baby Monitor

The Motorola video baby monitor includes two wide-angle HD cameras with infrared night vision and remote pan, tilt, zoom. The large 5-Inch LCD color display with a split-screen view, room temperature, and sound alert.

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VMAI Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras VMAI Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras

VMAI 4.3 inch Video Baby Monitor comes with 2 cameras, night vision, temperature monitoring, 5 songs/lullabies, 2-way talk, VOX mode, feeding time reminder alarm. It supports up to 4 cameras and has a stable 1000 foot transmission range.

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What to Look for in Baby Monitors for Twins

One Monitor: You don’t want a separate parent unit or screen for each child you have. You’ll run out of room on your nightstand pretty quick.

Expandable number of cameras. Of course, you’ll want to get at least 2 cameras if your baby monitor needs to cover two rooms. However, make sure you plan ahead since there are baby monitors that cover 3 or 4 rooms if you’ll need that down the road.

Split-screen or scan viewing. This is mostly personal preference, but I prefer the full-screen view when there are multiple cameras. The split-screen baby monitors can often be too small to really see anything and only broadcast audio for one camera.

High-definition video and night vision. A good camera is a must-have at night when you’re half asleep. With poor quality monitors, it can be hard to tell what position they’re in, whether they have a pacifier, or if they’ve pulled a blanket over themselves.Baby monitors with night vision is a must, but an ultra HD camera isn’t necessary.

Picks up sound clearly. The majority of time will be spent listening to audio with the monitor screen off.Cameras with good microphones can pick up soft sounds like the baby starting to roll around in the crib. This early warning gives you time to hit the bathroom or get one last chore completed.

Sound detection notifications. A visual queue or notification when the baby starts making noise can be a great heads up, even if you have the sound lowered on the monitor. If you have pets, this can also be a good indication if their howling or meowing is in range of your sleeping baby.

Long-range and reception. Especially if parents and kids are on separate sides of the house, the parent unit should have a long enough range for your home. Keep in mind, you may also want the ability to take it outside while your babies sleep. Most have a range of 700 – 900 feet depending on the type of wall the signal is going through.

Good battery life. While you’ll have the monitor plugged in most of the time, the battery should be able to hold a charge for at least 6-8 hours.

Secure and private. While convenient, WiFi-connected baby cameras have a higher potential to be hacked than cameras transmitting over a 2.4GHz FHSS connection. These connections are much more secure, stable, and aren’t impacted by dropped WiFi signals.

Is a video monitor or traditional audio monitors best for two babies?

While most families with one baby will do fine with just an audio monitor, parents of multiples will want to use a camera baby monitor.

The challenge with an audio monitor is that they often only work in one room of the house and connect to a single parent unit. Think of them like walkie talkies where you’re listening to someone on the other end.

With a video monitor, you can have peace of mind with the ability to watch over your babies with crystal clear picture and audio. Some monitor products come with two camera units to make things easy for parents with more than one infant.

We highly recommend the video monitors just to add that extra bit of safety and to save trips to check in on the little one. Of course, you’ll probably still get up and check on them several times a night anyway – it’s just what parents do!

Where to Mount the Monitor Cameras

The best place to mount the camera will depend on the model you select. The main thing you need to be aware of is whether it has a clear line of sight to most of the crib.

This is difficult if the monitor is placed right on a dresser or table next to the crib. The best location is mounted high enough on a nearby wall that you can clearly see most, if not all, of the crib mattress.

Word of Warning: You need to be aware of where the power cord is hanging when mounting the camera. Once your baby starts rolling around, you don’t want the cord dangling anywhere close to where they can reach it.

Also, if you put the camera near the ceiling, you can expect the room temperature sensor to read 2-3 degrees warmer than the rest of the nursery. Something to keep in mind for very cold or hot nights to keep your babies comfortable.

Best Baby Baby Monitors for Twins

1. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor (Best Baby Monitor for Twins & Multiples)

Best Baby Monitor for Twins


  • Expandable to monitor up to four cameras that are scanned every few seconds; great for watching babies in separate rooms
  • Widest viewing angles with the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom the camera
  • Good battery life with 12 hours of audio-only and 8 hours with the screen on
  • Interchangeable normal and optical zoom camera lenses work for nearly every situation (170-degree wide-angle lens sold separately)
  • Does not require an internet connection which provides better security and privacy
  • Camera unit can be placed on a surface or can hook onto the wall with a single nail
  • One of the longest signals ranges at 700 feet
  • Additional features like room temperature monitoring, two-way talk function, night vision, sound-activated LED indicator, adjustable volume, and low battery alarm
  • Self-contained monitor system makes for an easy travel setup



2. MoonyBaby Split 55 Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras (Best Split Screen Baby Monitor)

Baby Monitor with Two Pan, Tilt, Zoom Cameras


  • Option of using scan mode or split-screen to keep an eye on your baby
  • Larger 5 inch LCD screen makes for easier viewing
  • Monitor comes with 5 lullabies on the camera to soothe baby to sleep
  • Screen automatically turns on when a noise is detected (eco mode)
  • Camera mounts to the wall with included kits if you need a higher viewing angle
  • Cameras have a wide-viewing angle, digital zoom, and pan features
  • Additional features like a room temperature sensor and two-way audio


  • Comes with two cameras which is the max you can connect (not great for large families)
  • Split-screen monitor display may be too small depending on how close the camera is to the crib
  • Larger monitor is bulkier than other brands
  • Transmits audio for one camera at a time

3. Moonybaby 2 Camera Baby Monitor (Best Budget Baby Monitor for Twins)

Video Baby Monitor


  • One of the lowest cost baby monitors with two cameras
  • Expandable to monitor up to 4 cameras that are scanned or cycled every 10 seconds
  • Camera has a 2x digital zoom to make sure your baby is resting safely
  • 3 different trigger levels to turn on the baby monitor screen when noise is heard
  • Up to 900-foot range in an open area; closer to 200-300 feet indoors
  • Picture color is very clear for both day and nighttime
  • Easy setup and the lower cost makes for a great travel baby monitor


  • Cameras are stationary with no motorized tilt or rotate (must be done manually)
  • Screen size is one of the smallest at 2.4 inches
  • Cannot adjust noise volume on the monitor
  • Must go through a menu on the screen to turn off the display
  • Battery only lasts up to 6 hours with audio-only; less if using video
  • White-noise machines effectively make it impossible to use the sound-activated screen option

4. Motorola Video Baby Monitors 2 Cameras

Best Monitor with Two Cameras


  • Split-screen monitoring of two cameras at a time
  • Larger 5 inch LCD monitor display
  • Comes with two cameras and supports up to 4 that can be used with the monitor
  • High sensitivity microphone will pick up your baby crying and even the slightest noises
  • Infrared night vision to help keep an eye on things
  • Wide viewing angles cameras that can be remotely controlled (pan, tilt, and zoom)
  • Camera in the nursery can play 5 separate lullabies
  • Additional features include two-way talk-back function, room temperature indicator, and low connection alert


  • Audio only works for one camera in split-screen which makes it difficult to know what’s going on in the other room
  • Connection between camera and monitor may occasionally drop if separated by multiple walls
  • Monitor battery life only lasts for a couple of hours and will not last all night

5. VMAI Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras

Baby Monitors for Twins


  • Motion sensor lets you know when the camera picks up baby movement
  • Sound activated sensor notifies you if it picks up crying or other sounds coming from the room
  • Plays 5 separate lullabies to put your baby to sleep
  • Additional features such as the high/low-temperature alert, night vision, two-way communication, and feeding timer
  • Good cost-to-value based on the wide range of features and lower cost


  • Sound and motion triggers are often overly sensitive and alert frequently
  • Camera has a very narrow field of view
  • Battery life doesn’t last as long as other baby monitors
  • Camera is stationary and would need to be adjusted (pan, tilt) by hand in the baby’s room
  • Screen display video is not high quality and comes in a bit grainy


Baby monitors are critical devices to keep your babies safe in the early years. They also help keep parents sane and in bed by allowing you to see and hear if your babies are sleeping comfortably.

After reviewing the best baby monitors, our top pick is the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor. We’ve been using this monitor in our home for over 3 years and have loved all the features it has to offer.

The Infant Optics DXR-8 provides high-quality video and sound, works with up to four cameras, it’s super easy to use, and has all the bells and whistles you need in a baby monitor. This includes a room-temperature sensor, two-way talk, night vision, interchangeable camera lenses, LED sound indicator, and great battery life.

We also found the DXR-8’s scanning function that rotates through each of the cameras is more effective than the split-screen baby monitors. You get all the sights and sounds from each room to ensure you don’t miss anything.

The only downside is that you may need to purchase another camera if your twins are in separate rooms. However, we think it’s worth the investment since you’re getting the best baby monitor to watch over your twins.

If you want a package deal, the best baby monitors with 2 cameras are the MoonyBaby Monitors. The Split 55 is a great option if you’re also looking for a split-screen baby monitor.

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