Best Car Window Shade for Baby
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Best Car Window Shades for Baby

Last Updated on November 11, 2020

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We’ve all experienced the brightness and heat from sunshine glaring in through the car windows. As adults, we can put down a sun visor or throw on some sunglasses to block the sun.

Babies on the other hand don’t have any of those options and are at the mercy of the sun. It’s up to you to add a layer of protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays and blinding light during long car rides.

Think of it this way – they’ll be spending the better part of the first year in a car seat looking straight up at the sky on all of your car rides. So it’s important you have the right sun shade to keep the sun out of their eyes.

So, which sun shades are best at providing protection for your baby in the car?

Too busy loving your little one? Here’s our top pick.

Our top pick for the best car window shades for baby is the Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade. This static cling car shade comes in a four pack, provides excellent UV protection, and can be stacked to fit your car door window.

It’s hard to beat the value you get from these low-cost sun shades that can be tucked away in the included pouch.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall Window Shade: Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade

Best Static Cling Shade: Enovoe Car Window Shade

Best Window Shade with Heat Alert: Munchkin Brica Sun Safety Car Window Shade with Heat Alert

Best Universal Magnetic Curtain Shade: ggomaART Car Side Window Sun Shade

Best Window Shade with Fun Print: CARAMAZ Car Sun Shade for Baby

Best Whole Window Stretch Shade: ShadeSox Side Window

Reviews of the Best Car Window Shades for Baby

Best Overall Window Shade: Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade

4 Pack Car Window Shades

These sun shades are super easy to install since they use static to cling to the car’s windows. They come in a pack of four sun shades that can be used on more than one window. 

These shades offer the highest value for the price, UPF 50+ protection, and allow the flexibility to overlap multiple shades or move them around as needed. It’s hard to beat car sun shades that are so effective and simple to use.


  • Easy to install using static cling technology on the window without using suction cups or adhesives
  • Folds up easily with a twist into a compact storage bag to toss in a diaper bag
  • Made of tightly woven 120 GSM mesh fabric which provides the highest level of UV protection
  • Includes 2 transparent and 2 semi-transparent car sun shades that you can use in multiple vehicles
  • Provides the option of increasing visibility or protection from the sun with the 2 types of window shades
  • Fits most window sizes with the ability to overlap multiple shades
  • Certified to block ultraviolet (UV) light which is a risk for skin cancer: 99.79% of UVA (associated with skin aging), 99.95% of UVB (associated with sunburns), and the max Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+


  • Window sunshades don’t stretch to fully cover the whole window
  • Must remove the shade before rolling down the rear window

Shade Size: 20 inches by 12 inches

Application: Static Cling

Best Static Cling Shade: Enovoe Car Window Shade

Static Cling Window Shade

The Enovoe car window sun shades are a close runner up. They work the same using static cling to hold them securely to the window and a mesh screen to block out the sun.

The main difference is these shades are a little bigger in size. This makes them ideal for vans or SUVs with extra-large windows you need to cover to shield your little one from harmful UV rays.


  • Car sun shades block over 97% of UV rays that can be harmful
  • Static cling material means the shades are easy to install and move between windows
  • Provides excellent coverage and can protect your baby from sun glare
  • Mesh material allows you to double layer the window shades
  • Great value for sun shades that come in a four-pack
  • Dual attachment on car windows give you the flexibility to protect your child
  • Shades come with a convenient storage pouch that can be tucked away
  • Larger size makes them great for SUVs and minivans that have big rear windows
  • Works great on the driver’s side window to reduce harmful UV rays and sun glare


  • May be too large for compact cars or smaller windows
  • One car window sun shade may not be enough for direct sunlight
  • Static cling may not work as well in cold weather

Shade Size: 21 inches by 14 inches

Application: Static Cling

Best Window Shade with Heat Alert: Munchkin Brica Sun Safety Car Window Shade with Heat Alert

Hook On Window Shade

The Munchkin Brica has something all other sun shades don’t, a built-in “white hot” heat indicator. This color changing indicator helps parents see when the sun may be getting too hot in the rear seat for your baby.

These shades also provide flexibility in how they’re attached since you can either use suction cups or hook them onto the window. The ability to roll up the sun shades means you can still roll down the window some without completely removing the shades.


  • White hot indicator on the car shade lets you know if the car is too hot
  • Dual attachment provides universal fit and flexibility using either adjustable clips or suction cups
  • Shade adjusts to cover the full height of the rear window
  • One push retractable button to quickly rollup
  • Premium mesh fabric will help keep harmful rays out for your little one
  • Easy to install on almost all car windows
  • Suction cups work well for windows that don’t allow you to use the hook attachments


  • Fabric is thin and may not keep your car cool or provide complete sun protection
  • May encounter issues with the suction cups not holding

Shade Size: 15 inches by 19 inches

Application: Adjustable Window Clips or Suction Cup

Best Universal Magnetic Curtain Shade: ggomaART Car Side Window Sun Shade

Magnetic Sun Shade

Instead of sticking directly to the windows, these magnetic shades attach to the door frame around the window. Using magnets, these shades can slide and stay open like a curtain when you don’t need them.

These magnetic shades are also thick and block out almost all sunlight. This means they can darken the rear seat to help your little one get a good nap on the car ride.


  • Unique magnetic attachment with additional suction cups to keep it on the window
  • 5 magnets are built into the shade to mount on the door frame around the side windows
  • Shade comes in 8 different styles with 5 fun child prints for your little one
  • Window shades can slide open just like a curtain when not needed
  • Extra large design provides plenty of coverage to work with just about any size vehicle
  • Polyester shade fabric blocks a near 100% of direct sunlight to keep your car cool
  • Window shade is great for long car rides to help your little one sleep


  • Magnets are not super strong and can be difficult to attach with thick padding around the window
  • Shade blocks or obstructs the driver’s visibility out the rear window

Shade Size: 27 inches by 18.5 inches

Application: Magnets and Suction Cups

Best Window Shade with Fun Print: CARAMAZ Car Sun Shade for Baby

Fun Baby Sun Shade

If you’re looking for a fun sun shade for your baby, the CARAMAZ car sun shades come in several cute prints. They’ll enjoy looking at the elephant, lion, turtle, or other characters as the sunlight filters through.


  • Static cling technology makes it easy to install and stay in place
  • Shade comes in an extra-large version for vans (23 inches by 15 inches)
  • Provides two shades to use on separate windows if you have two children
  • Car sunshade blocks 98.6% of all UV rays and is rated as UPF 50+
  • Does not leave a residue like a suction cup or plastic tint sheet might
  • Shades come in cute designs for your little one with animal, elephant, lion, unicorn, and turtle prints
  • Cling sunshade has mesh material is extra dark to protect your baby


  • Shades may warp after being folded up for a long time
  • May have a hard time sticking to the window under 50 degrees

Shade Size: 20 inches by 12 inches

Application: Static Cling

Best Whole Window Stretch Shade: ShadeSox Side Window

Window Sock Sun Shade

The ShadeSox may be the most unique sun shade we reviewed. The stretchy mesh fabric of this shade wraps around the top part of the door to cover the window – it’s literally a sock for the window.

Since nothing is attached to the windows, this means you’re able to roll down the window to let in fresh air. As an added benefit, these also prevent your little one from tossing or dropping their favorite toy out of the window.


  • Incredibly easy to install on the side windows by stretching to fit over the car door frame
  • Car shade provides the ability to still roll down the window unlike just about every other shade
  • Elastic mesh fabric shade provides protection with the ability to fit almost any door size
  • Stretchy mesh material is made of 40D nylon which helps to hold up to weather
  • Comes with two shades that fit over both rear car doors
  • While not advertised, it can also be used as a sunshade or bug net on a baby car seat
  • Car shade will help keep the back seat cool and reduce sun glare
  • Double-layer fabric on the inside and outside of the car provides good UV protection


  • Window sock loses elasticity over time and may move around on the window
  • Exposed to harsh elements on the outside of the car windows
  • May not fit well with cars that have smaller or pointed windows

Shade Size: 44 inches by 20 inches

Application: Elastic Mesh Sock

Why do you need a car sun shade for a baby?

As an adult, I’m sure you’ve experienced the blinding light coming in through the car’s windows as you’re driving. When this happens to a baby, there’s not much they can do about it.

Car window shades help keep the sun out of the eyes of your little one that comes in through the side windows. Sun shades also offer increased sun protection by reducing the amount of harmful UV rays that can reach your baby.

The sun shade can also reduce the amount of sun glare that bounces off the window, mirrors, or shiny toys that may irritate your baby or toddler.

Maybe most importantly, a car window shade can provide the ability to darken the rear seats so your baby can sleep peacefully. Bright sunlight shining directly in their eyes will most certainly wake them up early.

What is a good UV protection rating for a sun shade?

You should look for a sun shade that blocks over 97% of UV rays to offer a high degree of protection for your little one. Many sun shades feature an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+ which are able to block out over 98%.

UPF 50+ is the highest rating you’ll find in mesh car window sun shades, but anything that blocks over 97% of UV rays is recommended.

It’s important to note that the higher the UV protection, the darker the sun shade is likely to make the back seat. This is important for helping your baby sleep.

What are the different types of sun shades?

  • Static Cling Sun Shade: The most popular style of sun shades use a thin plastic sheet that allows the sun shade to stick to the window without attaching using suction cups or hooks. The static cling material makes it easy to install and move around or quickly remove when not in use.
  • Window Clip Shade: More permanent sun shades will clip onto the top of the rear windows. These allow you to still roll up the window in most cases, but they don’t stick directly to the window.
  • Suction Cup Shade: As the name implies, these shades are mounted to the window using four or more suction cups. These can be more likely to pop off more frequently depending on how strong the suction is on the window.
  • Magnetic Shade: Rather than attaching directly to the window, magnetic sun shades mount to the door frame.

How do I know if a sunshade will fit my car window?

While most car window shades offer a universal fit, you should first measure the height and width of your windows with a tape measure. You’ll need to determine whether the sun shades you pick can overlap and whether they can be adjusted for smaller windows.

Another thing to consider is the shape of your car window. If you have a more narrow rear window or one that is elongated, the shade may not fit on the window depending on the measurements.

What size car window sun shades should you use?

While car window sun shades are meant to have a universal fit, some types will provide more sun protection for your baby than others. Ultimately, you’ll want to measure and make sure they are wide enough to cover enough of the window. 

If they’re not wide enough, the open areas on either side of the shade will let sunlight get through and shine on the baby car seat.

Do I still need a window shade with tinted windows?

Depending on how dark the window tint is, it may not be keeping your baby safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays. It’s recommended you still use sun shades to further reduce the sun glare and amount of light that can reach your little one’s car seat.

Features to consider in the best car sun shades for babies

Easy to Install: The shades should be quick and easy to install whether it’s by using suction cups, static cling, or window hooks. You don’t want shades that take an hour to install when you may need to remove them so you can still roll down the window on nice days.

Attachment Method: After considering the various types of window shades, static cling and suction cups are the best car window shades. You’ll need to pick the type that works best for your needs.

UV Protection: You’ll want shades that offer at least 97% protection against harmful UV rays. It’s important to make sure your baby has the necessary UV protection, especially if they’ll be sitting in the sun for long car rides.

Thick & Dark Material: Window shades that are made of thicker material not only offer a greater level of protection from harmful UV rays, but they also help darken the rear seat. With a darkening window shade, your little one will be able to get uninterrupted sleep during long car rides.


You should first measure the car window you’ll be mounting the sun shades on. This will help narrow down the type and size of sun shade you’ll want to get for your car.

Our top pick for the best car sun shade for baby is the Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade. This sun shade works by using static to stick to the car window and is incredibly easy to install. It also blocks out over 97% of harmful UV rays that can cause long-term skin damage and reduces the glare that may irritate your baby or toddler.

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