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Best Stroller Bag for Family Travel

Last Updated on May 27, 2021

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Traveling with young children can be overwhelming, especially with all of the gear you need. Thankfully, you can worry less about your baby stroller arriving intact by choosing a stroller bag. 

These travel bags are one of the handiest pieces of gear you never knew you needed. We cover what these bags are and everything you should look for when purchasing. We’re here to help you find the right stroller bag for your family’s next vacation.

Too busy loving your little one? Here’s our top pick.

Our top pick for the best stroller bag is the J.L. Childress Gate Check BagThis convenient bag can withstand the rough handling of gate check staff as you carry the stroller to the beach, visit distant family, explore the Disney Parks, or travel anywhere in the world.

This J.L. Childress stroller bag can be folded to fit in your diaper bag or backpack when you don’t need it. It’s also big enough to fit most brands of single and even double strollers.

If you’re looking for a specific type of stroller bag that meets your needs, here are our top picks in each category.

Our Top Picks for Stroller Tavel Bags

Best Lightweight Stroller Travel Bag: J.L. Childress Gate Check Bag for Standard & Double Strollers

Best Heavy Duty Single Stroller Travel Bag: Zohzo Stroller Gate Check Bag

Best Umbrella Stroller Travel Bag: J.L. Childress Gate Check Bag for Single Umbrella Strollers

Best Stroller Travel Bags with Wheels: Emmzoe Wheelie Travel Bag

Best Stroller Travel Bag with Shoulder Strap: Stroller Gate Check Bag for Airport

Best Travel Bag for Car Seats: Car Seat Travel Bag for Airport Gate Check

Why You Need a Stroller Bag for Travel

Just when you think you have everything you need for a family vacation, somebody mentions a stroller cover or bag. What? It’s not uncommon to wonder why you need a bag for your stroller, but you’re going to want one, and here’s why:

  • Keep your baby stroller clean with a storage bag. Think about how much dirt, dust, and grime remains in the cargo hold after each flight or even in the trunk of your car! A bag will protect your bagy from these germs.
  • Protect your baby stroller from dampness. You never know when you could run into rain or snow, so you don’t want to subject your stroller to the elements.
  • Protect against other damage. Your stroller wasn’t cheap and you don’t want to arrive at your destination to find it damaged and unusable.
  • Make gate-check easier and safer for your stroller. Be a gate check pro with a bag to keep your baby stroller or car seat safe.
  • Take advantage of extra storage. Toss in some extra clothes, diapers, wipes, or other baby gear in that storage bag so you have it when you arrive at the gate.

Features of a Travel Stroller Bag

Like all baby and child gear, stroller storage bags aren’t all the same. They offer different levels of protection and unique features. To narrow down your choices, here are some basic questions to help determine what you want in a stroller storage bag.

Can it accommodate your baby stroller?

Make sure the size works with your baby stroller. Umbrella baby strollers may be too small for some travel bags, while double strollers or jogging strollers may be too large for some bags. 

Is it easy to carry?

Bags with handles or backpack straps make traveling much easier. Think about what else you need to do as you travel and if a hands-free option with padded backpack-style straps would be better than a wheeled bag. Remember, you may also need to carry your baby or other bags at the same time.

How does it close?

Some stroller bags use drawstrings, while others rely on zipper closure systems. The zip-close bags are generally more secure since they provide a better seal.

How durable is the material?

A bag made of high-quality polyester or durable nylon is the best choice. Waterproof materials are helpful, but many manufacturers use water-resistant materials. 

Does the stroller bag include a storage pouch?

Stroller bag storage is important. It helps when it breaks down to fit in a diaper bag or backpack. Likewise, bags with attached storage pouches mean you won’t misplace them.

Branded vs. Universal Stroller Travel Bags

Some baby strollers come with or offer branded carrying bags. Choosing a branded stroller bag ensures your stroller fits, but you can expect to pay a lot more for the brand name.

However, if you paid top dollar for your stroller, you may want to get a bag made specifically for it to give you peace of mind that it will fit your stroller perfectly.

Here are the travel bags offered by some of the most popular stroller brands:

Universal or generic gate check stroller bags are significantly cheaper, but they have a fair share of drawbacks. Larger strollers may not fit without removing the wheels and some may not fit at all.

In other cases, you may end up with extra space since the bag may be too big for your stroller. However, who doesn’t need a little more storage room while traveling?

Best Stroller Bags Reviews

Best Lightweight Stroller Travel Bag: J.L. Childress Gate Check Bag for Standard & Double Strollers

Best Stroller Gate Check Bag

Whether you use a single or double stroller, this bag accommodates most brands and sizes. It’s easy to use and clearly labeled with “Gate Check” in big letters on the bag itself.

The larger size bag can also hold a double stroller and even some jogging or all-terrain strollers that can often be difficult to fit in stroller bags. This convenient and lightweight bag is excellent for carrying a stroller along on your family vacation.


  • Choose from three bright colors – blue, orange, or red
  • Material is lightweight and water-resistant polyester, but durable with double-stitched seams
  • Extra-large travel bag to make it a great double stroller bag
  • Drawstring closure has an adjustable lock to keep it sealed shut
  • Folds down and fits into an attached pouch for easy stroller bag storage in a diaper bag, backpack, or stroller basket
  • Excellent value for the price of this high-grade travel stroller bag


  • May be too small for strollers with larger wheels
  • Material not made of ballistic nylon which can make it more prone to wear and tear

Maximum Stroller Size (Folded): 46” tall x 21” wide x 13” deep

Best Heavy Duty Single Stroller Travel Bag: Zohzo Stroller Gate Check Bag

Heavier Duty Bag for Strollers

If you don’t want something bold and bright, the Zohzo Stroller Bag provides a viable alternative. This plain black bag fits most baby stroller sizes and brands.

The material is also thicker to allow you to carry heavier strollers and make it hold up better when being tossed around.


  • Extra-large storage that fits most baby strollers, though you may have to remove the wheels of larger ones
  • Made of thick polyester with a strap and handles
  • Double zippers and clasps keep your stroller in the bag
  • Removable padded shoulder strap
  • Exterior storage pocket provides extra space for small items
  • Bag comes with a storage ID tag in case it gets lost


  • Wheels would be helpful since it’s awkward to transport through the airport on one shoulder
  • Zippers could be re-inforced as they are prone to breaking

Maximum Stroller Size (Folded): 41” tall x 21” wide x 13.5 deep

Best Umbrella Stroller Travel Bag: J.L. Childress Gate Check Bag for Single Umbrella Strollers

Bag for Umbrella Stroller

Umbrella strollers are popular for travel because of their low profile and lighter weight. Larger stroller bags might be too bulky for an umbrella stroller, so you may prefer this slimmer alternative.

These travel bags are made of polyester to help keep dirt and germs off of your stroller at the airport. It’s also easy to wipe clean if it picks up dirt while being handled during your trip.


  • Choose from three bold and bright colors – blue, orange, or red
  • Made from extra lightweight and water-resistant polyester material
  • Drawstring closure system includes an adjustable lock to keep your stroller secure
  • Webbed handle makes lifting and carrying much easier
  • Easy to clean if it gets dirty when traveling


  • Material is a little thin to handle very rough baggage handling (not made for bagged check)
  • Larger strollers may barely fit, which stresses the bag’s fabric

Maximum Stroller Size (Folded): 45” tall by 15.5” wide by 12” deep

Best Stroller Travel Bags with Wheels: Emmzoe Wheelie Travel Bag

Wheeled Stroller Gate Check Bag

Emmzoe’s stroller bag is easy to transport through the airport to gate check thanks to its strong wheels. You are able to pull it behind you just like luggage if you don’t have any more shoulder room for backpack straps.

The wheels can be a lifesaver when trying to quickly carry your children and other luggage through the airport terminals. The bag is also padded and waterproof, which will help protect your baby stroller and anything else you’re carrying when being tossed around.


  • Chic design emulates traditional luggage
  • “Please handle with care” logo on the bag alerts baggage handlers to the contents
  • Rolls up for easy stroller bag storage when you don’t need it
  • Padded shoulder straps provide more comfort as you carry it
  • Waterproof material for extra protection from dirt
  • Extra-long to hold umbrella strollers that are under 44 inches
  • Zipper closure system to make sure everything stays inside the bag


  • Some may find it a little awkward to lug around, especially if you’re shorter
  • Only made to fit folding umbrella strollers and not a standard single or double stroller
  • Does roll up for storage, but doesn’t fit well in a diaper bag or backpack due to the wheels

Maximum Stroller Size (Folded): 44” tall x 12” wide x 13” deep

Best Stroller Travel Bag with Shoulder Strap: Stroller Gate Check Bag for Airport

The padded shoulder straps convert it into a backpack style stroller bag. This makes the bag an excellent option for parents seeking to free up your hands to carry other gear through the airport.

These stroller bags are extra large and big enough to fit a double stroller or a traveler car seat. The water-resistant nylon makes it easy to clean and holds up well to wear.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps for bigger parents and a handle to give you options if carrying more than one bag
  • Double-stitched 600D nylon material is 100% water-resistant and very durable
  • Folds down enough to fit in a pouch for easy bag storage
  • Excellent size with plenty of room even for a big double stroller
  • Large enough for those that may travel with a baby car seat
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Handles and straps could be reinforced to hold up better
  • Drawstring closure system not as reliable in terms of keeping items secured

Maximum Stroller Size (Folded): 47” tall x 24” wide x 15” deep

Best Travel Bag for Car Seats: Car Seat Travel Bag for Airport Gate Check

Infant Car Seat Travel Bag

You can easily find low-cost car seats for travel, but it’s not always as simple to find travel bags that the car seat will fit in. With its larger size, this is a great bag to carry around most car seats when traveling. Car seats under 18 inches tall and 34 inches wide will easily fit inside this larger bag.

The bag has padded straps that free up your hands to push a baby stroller or luggage to the plane. The strong nylon is very durable and can even be machine washed if it gets dirty on the trip.


  • Bag is made of durable material that is water-resistant and machine washable
  • Padded backpack straps make carrying a heavier car seat less stressful
  • Fits most seats as long as they’re under 18 inches tall/deep and 34 inches wide
  • Lightweight material is easy to fold up and tuck in a diaper bag when not in use
  • Tear-resistant material is great for traveling where the bag will be thrown around
  • Convenient bag for parents that frequently travel with a car seat


  • Drawstring closure isn’t as secure as one that zips closed
  • Bag hangs pretty low which can cause back pain after a lot of walking and standing

Maximum Car Seat Size: 18″ tall x 34” wide x 18” deep


It was tough to pick a clear winner from this group, but we recommend the J.L. Childress Gate Check Bag for Standard & Double Strollers. This is the best travel bag as it’s the most versatile and easy-to-use stroller storage bag on this list.

It’s bright, convenient, compact, and checks off a lot of the items on our feature list. The big “Gate Check” wording on the side of the bag makes it clear the item is to be handled carefully and checked right at the gate. You’ll be a gate check pro as you walk up to the gate with this bag.

When not in use, it can be folded into the attached pouch and stuffed in your diaper bag or backpack. The only downside is that it may be overly large for parents that travel with umbrella strollers.

If you’re traveling with an umbrella stroller and need wheels, you may prefer the Emmzoe Wheelie Umbrella Stroller. The wheels make pulling this bag through the airport a much less painful experience.

Parents traveling with a car seat will want to pick up a Car Seat Travel Bag to keep it clean for your baby. This bag is ultra-durable and will fit just about any regular-sized car seat used for travel.

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