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Best Stroller Fan to Keep Your Baby Cool

Last Updated on October 6, 2020

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Long and hot days in the sun can be tough for your little one. The heat can turn the most cheerful babies into ones that are uncontrollably cranky and fussy.

One way to beat the heat is to get a portable baby stroller fan that helps to bring down your baby’s body temperature and temper. There are a few different styles of fans, so let’s find one that works best for your family’s needs.

Too busy loving your little one? Here’s our top pick.

Our top pick for the best stroller fan is the UWALK Portable Stroller Fan. The UWALK is a flexible tripod baby stroller fan that features 3 speeds, low noise, good battery life, and an LED light to see better at night.

The octopus tripod style makes it easy to clip on to nearly any object and face any direction. The fan also has 360-degree rotation so you can be sure you’re baby feels the breeze from any angle.

Our Top Picks

Overall Best Stroller Fan: UWALK Portable Stroller Fan

Best Clip-On Stroller Fan: COMLIFE F170 Clip-On Stroller Fan

Best Tripod Stroller Fan: Amacool Battery Flexible Tripod Fan

Best Monopod Stroller Fan with Light: Moomet Stroller Fan with Light

Best Stroller Fan on a Budget: SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip-On Baby Stroller Fan

Reviews for the Best Stroller Fans

Overall Best Stroller Fan: UWALK Portable Stroller Fan

Portable Stroller Fan

The UWALK stroller fan is a lightweight and portable fan that creates either a gentle breeze or strong wind. On the lowest setting, the battery life will last you around 14-16 hours or around 6 hours if you need the higher speed.

If the batteries do run out, you can recharge them while still using the stroller fan by plugging using the USB plug into a travel battery power bank, an outlet in the car, or even a laptop. This mini stroller fan comes with an LED light for late nights and good airflow that will keep your baby comfortable on hot days. 


  • Tripod fan design allows you to wrap it around nearly anything or stand up on its own
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery fully charges the stroller fan in 4 hours
  • Good battery life that will last up to 16 hours on the low settings
  • Comes with a USB charger so it can be plugged into a power bank, laptop, car outlet, or anywhere with a USB port when traveling
  • Provides an LED light with 3 brightness settings that can be used for nighttime walks or as a nightlight
  • Slats in the stroller fan case are small enough to keep your child’s fingers away from touching the fan blades


  • Highest speed may generate too much wind for babies
  • Longer tripod legs may be difficult to wrap around some smaller bars

Fan Speed: 3 speeds

Fan Battery: 16 hours at lowest setting and 6 hours at highest setting (2600 mAh)

Fan Weight: .83 pounds

Best Clip-On Stroller Fan: COMLIFE F170 Clip-On Stroller Fan

Best Clip Fan for Stroller

If you prefer the standard clip-on fan, the COMLIFE stroller fans are the best you can buy. The COMLIFE clip fan has one of the longest battery life at 40 hours and is also one of the quietest fans we reviewed under 40dB.

This larger clip fan works well on most stroller handlebars, sun canopies, or infant car seats, but it can also be used to with tables or cribs. This clip-on fan for strollers is a great companion for long days at the beach, zoo, or park with the excellent battery life and the powerful breeze it produces.


  • COMLIFE clip fan has one of the longest-lasting rechargeable batteries at 40 hours and gets a full charge in just 4 hours
  • One of the quietest stroller fans with sound below 40dB and remains quiet even at the highest fan speed
  • Strong fan clip works great on stroller handlebars, parent console, or sun canopy
  • Stroller fan features a horizontal auto oscillation function and 360 rotation (horizontal and vertical) to provide good air movement in every direction
  • Stepless fan wind speed provides precise control over how much airflow your child receives and how long the battery life lasts
  • Comes with an aroma diffuser sponge for the fan that allows you to add a calming fragrance to the gentle breeze


  • Oscillation function not always reliable as either the button or the fan prevents it from moving sometimes
  • Updated design removed access to the battery compartment to swap in a fresh rechargeable battery

Fan Speed: Stepless speed control means you can find the exact speed you desire

Battery: 40 hours at lowest setting and 6 hours at highest setting (5000 mAh)Weight: .79 pounds

Best Flexible Stroller Fan: Amacool Battery Flexible Tripod Fan

Best Flexible Fan for Strollers

When it comes to flexibility, the Amacool battery-operated tripod stroller fan will wrap around just about anything that has a bar or leg. The foam legs help provide extra grip so the fan stays in place and doesn’t slide around a bunch.

If you want something different than the classic black, this fan also comes in blue and pink to brighten up the stroller. Speaking of brightening, this fan also has an LED light that has 3 brightness settings to help your little one and you see at night.


  • Low and medium fan speeds provide enough of a breeze for a cool down while high generates a powerful, quiet wind
  • Stroller fan comes in 3 colors depending on your preference: black, light blue, and pink
  • LED night light on the fan comes in 3 brightness levels to help you see in the dark or use as a distraction for your little one
  • 360 degree horizontal and vertical rotation to point the fan in any direction
  • Flexible tripod legs on the fan are strong and wrap around just about anything you need to keep your baby happy
  • Fan will work with a portable power bank if you start to run low on battery
  • Narrow fan grille should be small enough to keep little fingers out of reach of the fan blades


  • Foam tripod legs can be difficult to clean if they get really dirty
  • LED light starts on the brightest setting which may wake up your little one
  • Battery life could be longer since you’ll barely get over 8 hours at the lowest setting

Fan Speed: 3 speeds

Fan Battery: 10 hours at lowest setting and 2.5 hours at highest setting (2600 mAh)

Fan Weight: .8 pounds

Best Monopod Stroller Fan with Light: Moomet Stroller Fan with Light

Stroller Fan with Flexible Neck

The Moomet has a bit of a unique design with just one flexible neck instead of the usual tripod design. This mint blue, battery-operated stroller fan has a cat face on the end of the child-safe silicone neck.

The fan’s night light function has 3 brightness levels that provide a soft glow and comes with a 1-hour timer to automatically turn off. This is the lightest stroller fan we found at just .6 pounds and it still provides great airflow for your child.


  • One of the most lightweight and portable stroller fans we reviewed
  • Natural wind mode simulates variation in wind speed by automatically rotating through the 3 fan settings
  • 1-hour timer setting to have the night light automatically turn off after one hour
  • Universal micro USB cable is great for charging on the go and connecting to a power bank
  • Very small gap in the fan case to keep your child’s fingers safe
  • Flexible neck design makes it incredibly easy to wrap around just about anything beyond the stroller


  • Fan is a bit louder, especially at a higher wind speed
  • Single-arm can be more difficult to get to stay in place on the stroller handle

Fan Speed: 3 speeds with a natural wind mode that rotates the speeds

Fan Battery: 12 hours at lowest setting and 4 hours at highest setting (2600 mAh)

Fan Weight: .6 pounds

Best Stroller Fan on a Budget: SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip-On Baby Stroller Fan

Cheap Stroller Fan

If you’re looking for a low-cost stroller fan you can take on vacation, the SkyGenius clip-on fan provides great value and airflow for the price. This mini fan has 3 adjustable speeds with the highest providing a powerful flow of air.

The extra-large and strong clip design make attaching to the stroller handlebar, parent console, or sun canopy a breeze. While the rechargeable battery only lasts 3-6 hours, you can bring a spare battery to easily swap out if you don’t have time to wait for it to be fully charged. 

The SkyGenius is the best stroller fan for parents on a tight budget or wanting something cheap for vacation.


  • One of the lowest cost stroller fans that still provides great airflow
  • Clip-on fan design makes it easy to attach and move around on strollers, car seats, or tables (3.7 inch clip opening)
  • Fan is fully charged in about 2 hours and lasts between 3-6 hours
  • Rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery can be quickly replaced and don’t need to burn through AA batteries
  • Lightweight means the stroller fan is more likely to stay in place using the clip
  • Stroller fan comes with 360 degree vertical and horizontal rotation to find the right angle


  • Battery duration is low compared to other fans at just 6 hours max
  • Only medium speed is available when powered by USB cable

Fan Speed: 3 speeds (2800 to 3600 rpm)

Fan Battery: 6 hours at lowest setting and 3 hours at highest setting (2500 mAh)

Fan Weight: .75 pounds

Why would I need a stroller fan for my baby?

Stroller fans are meant to keep your baby cool in warm and humid environments like on hot summer days or trips to the beach with the stroller. The fan helps to lower their body temperature by pushing dry and cool air towards their sensitive skin to evaporate sweat.

Overheating can be more dangerous for a baby than it is for adults due to their small size and the fact that they can’t fully regulate their body temperature.

Stroller fans are also ideal for making sure your baby has enough airflow when they’re sleeping. This is even more important if the nursery is a smaller room in the house that may not have the best airflow or if you live in a humid area. 

Lack of good airflow for babies can be dangerous and is a factor that can contribute to health issues or possibly SIDS, known as sudden infant death syndrome. So, it’s important that you make sure your newborn or infant is sleeping where it’s not too hot and has good air circulation. 

On the lighter side, the stroller fan also provides a source of entertainment for infants. They’ll be mesmerized by the constant and fast spinning of the fan blades. They may also laugh at your silly voice if you try to talk through the fan.

When and where should I use a stroller fan?

Hot and Humid Days: We often bundle up our little ones more than we do ourselves since, but we can overdo it on warmer days. Humidity also plays a factor in the air quality and your baby’s ability to breathe without issue. A stroller fan will help blow air that is more cool and dry for your baby to easily breathe.

Long Days Outside: Getting a little vitamin D from the sun at the beach, park, Disney Parks, or just walking around is good for your child. However, you should be conscious of how much you’re protecting your baby from the sun’s rays. If they’re in enclosed car seats or strollers, it’s possible they’re not getting enough fresh air during those long days under the sun.

Stroller: One of the most used pieces of baby gear, the baby stroller is great for getting around. Depending on the type of stroller, the seat may not be well ventilated and the canopy may come down further to block the sun. This is often the case with all-terrain strollers that provide more sun protection. This can create a bubble of hot air that will make breathing more difficult.

Car Seat: You may end up using the fan for the car seat more than you do on the stroller. Baby car seats are heavily padded which insulates heat inside the seat and causes your baby to get warm a lot faster. Think about this the next time you’re on a long car ride or pushing them in a convertible stroller or travel system.

Rooms with Poor Air Circulation: Your baby’s nursery may not have sufficient air circulation if you’ve got a smaller home or don’t have a good central air system. Proper airflow is incredibly important for babies in the first year of their life to reduce the risk of SIDS. A mini fan for the baby can go a long way to create a good flow.

Crib: Full-size cribs and portable cribs, like the Pack n’ Play, typically have an open design to allow for decent air circulation. If you have limited room for the crib in the nursery or next to your bed, there’s a chance that airflow may be cut off if it’s too close to furniture, multiple walls, or your bed.

Types of Baby Stroller Fans

Tripod Fan: The tripod stroller fan comes with 3 adjustable legs and provides the most flexibility in terms of where it can be mounted. This is the best fan for the stroller since it can be wrapped around the handlebar or sidebars to give you plenty of options.

Monopod Fan: The monopod style stroller fan has one arm that extends out to wrap around a bar or twist into a self-standing platform. These mini fans for strollers are compact in size and easy to toss into a diaper bag for carrying.

Clip-on Fan: The best stroller fans that can also attach to a desk or table is the clip-on fan for the stroller. The clip fan has a wide opening to mount to the baby stroller handlebar or sun canopy, but the clip also opens wide enough to latch onto a table.

What features should I consider in the best stroller fans?

Not all fans for the stroller are made equal and there are countless stroller fans on the market. Here is what we looked at with each fan to help you find the best stroller fans for your needs.

360 Degree Rotation: There’s not a single right way to mount the fan to a stroller, table, or car seat. Having a 360-degree rotation allows you countless ways to position the fan depending on the angle, height, and tilt you need.

Adjustable Fan Head: There may be times where you need to turn or contort the fan to position it the right way. Some fans allow you to tilt the fan head up or down and even at an angle to make it work for your baby.

Adjustable Speed Settings: On super hot days, you may want to crank the fan all the way up as high as it’ll go. Typically, you’ll only need a low to medium breeze to make sure the air is flowing for your baby.

Strong Clamp & Case: The fan will likely be attached to many different things, so the clamp must be able to provide a strong grip. The stroller fan case should also be robust since you’re bound to drop it on the ground many, many times. A clip-on fan will often have the greatest gripping power.

Oscillating Fan Movement: Similar to a full-size house fan, some stroller fans offer the ability to oscillate to create better airflow in the strollers or car seats. This is more of a nice-to-have feature and isn’t very common in stroller fans.

Battery Life: The length of time the battery lasts might be the most important feature to consider on a battery-operated baby stroller fan. It doesn’t help if the rechargeable battery only lasts a few hours when you need it for an all-day outing or over multiple days. Of course, the battery will typically last longer if you have the fan running at lower speed settings.

Rechargeable Batteries: You’ll want the fan to come with a rechargeable battery if you plan to use it often. Some fans will come with non-rechargeable AAA or AA batteries that you’ll need to replace more frequently. Lithium-ion 18650 rechargeable batteries are the standard when it comes to batteries and are typically easy to find at the store. You don’t want to be burning through AA batteries every few days.

Charging Options: A majority of stroller fans come with a USB charging cable, but some must be charged by plugging it into the wall. With a USB cable, you have the flexibility to plug it into a portable power bank, a USB port in your car, or your home outlets.

Easy Maintenance: You’ve seen how dusty the ceiling and box fans can get in your home. The stroller fan should be easy to open up if you need to wipe off dirt and dust that may build up over time.

Safety: Some fans have soft foam blades that won’t break the skin and will stop spinning if your baby touches the fan. The fan’s case should also have skinny slots so that your baby can’t reach the fan blades; especially if the blades are made of plastic.

Low Noise: You’ll frequently be using the fan while your child is sleeping. The fan should be virtually noise-free at lower fan speeds and not terribly noisy at higher speeds.

Small Size & Lightweight: These mini fans are often small enough to toss in a diaper bag or storage basket on the stroller to bring with you. It should also be light enough that it won’t pull the stroller canopy or parent console down when you attach it.

Multi-Functional: While these mini fans work perfectly for strollers, they can also clip onto car seats, portable cribs, backpacks, diaper bags, camping tents, treadmills, bicycles, tables, or desks. Yes, you can even use it for yourself if you get hot while getting work done or working out!


There are several types of baby stroller fans that come in all shapes with different features. Our pick for the best stroller fan is the UWALK Portable Stroller Fan with the flexible tripod design, long battery life, and great fan speeds to give your little one a good amount of air. You can hook up this rechargeable fan to a portable power bank so you can recharge the battery while you continue to use it.

A close runner up is the COMLIFE F170 Clip Fan that can clip on just about any stroller, car seat, or table to provide sufficient airflow. This is the best stroller fan for long days since it has an incredible battery that will last up to 40 hours depending on the speed setting.

Whether you like the clip-on fan or octopus tripod design, these stroller fans will help keep your baby cool on those hot days in the sun.

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