Best Stroller for Tall Parents

Best Stroller for Tall Parents

Finding a comfortable stroller is difficult for tall people since most are made for average heights. Here's our review of the best stroller for tall parents.

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The term stroll means to “walk in a leisurely way”.

If you’re a tall parent, that’s near impossible with many of the baby strollers on the market. This is because most are made with average-sized individuals in mind.

In the United States, the average height for women is about 5 foot 4 inches (163.5 cm) while men are around 5 foot 9 inches (177.1 cm). So, if you’re on the taller side, you may find yourself bent over the stroller handlebar looking like you’re pushing a 150-pound baby up a steep hill.

This is why finding the right stroller for your height is incredibly important. While you won’t find strollers made for tall parents specifically, there are many that expand to work for people of all sizes.

Without one of these strollers, you may end up with an awkward hunched-over pushing technique that can result in pain down your back and neck.

This is due to the handlebars being too low that you can’t comfortably push or too short for your longer stride. This may also cause you to kick the stroller’s rear axle as you walk.

So, which are the most comfortable strollers for tall parents to push?

Too busy loving your little one? Here’s our top pick.

Our top recommendation for tall parents is the Baby Jogger Mini GT2When it comes to highly flexible and comfortable strollers, it’s the one we like best for taller parents.

The handlebars extend to 43.5 inches, which is well beyond the 41-inch height minimum we’d recommend for parents over 6 feet tall. It also holds bigger children up to 65 pounds, folds quickly with one hand, and the ride is incredibly smooth.

If you’re searching for a specific type of stroller, here are our top picks in each category.

Top Strollers for Taller Parents

Best Overall Stroller for Tall Parents: Baby Jogger Mini GT2

Best Umbrella Stroller for Tall Parents: UPPAbaby G-LUXE

Best Jogger Stroller for Tall Parents: BOB Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller

Best Double Stroller for Tall Parents: Baby Jogger City GT2 Double

Best Travel System Stroller for Tall Parents: Baby Jogger City Select

Best Bassinet Stroller (Pram) for Tall Parents: UPPAbaby VISTA V2

For Tall People, the Stroller Struggle is Real

The greatest challenge taller parents face with strollers is the fact that most are made for average height individuals.

This often means the handlebars or child seats are too low to the ground for taller parents. This leads to “stroller hunch” and can eventually cause painful back problems.

Another challenge for big parents is longer legs and strides. If you don’t have enough foot space, you may end up kicking the stroller’s rear axle more frequently.

The best way to solve these problems is to get a stroller with handlebars that can be adjusted to fit your height.

The main things that bigger parents should look out for include:

  • Handlebar is too low. You’ll be hunched over trying to push.
  • Handlebar is too short. You may end up getting annoyed at how much you accidentally kick the rear of the stroller.
  • Child seat is too low. Adding to the back issues discussed above, you’ll be bending over further than the average person to pick your child up.

How to Choose a Comfortable Stroller if You’re a Tall Parent

Comfort is the main objective when you’ll be pushing the stroller for hours on end. 

To ensure maximum comfort, the main feature you’ll need to look at is the handle height on the stroller. The right height bar will keep you from slouching over too far while pursuing.

You’ll want to make sure you can stand up straight with your elbows slightly bent. This helps your posture and prevents back injuries over long periods of pushing.

The different types of stroller handle functions to consider are the following.

Stroller with Non-Adjustable Handle

The handles are stationary and can’t be extended. While not ideal for taller or shorter parents, this isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker. Just make sure you find a tall stroller.

However, it may be difficult for one of you to find a comfortable handlebar height if there is a major height difference between your spouse and you. This is where an adjustable handlebar comes in handy on strollers for tall parents.

Stroller with Adjustable Handles

This is the preferred option for bigger parents. The flexibility of an adjustable handlebar that moves up and down or in and out makes it perfect for couples with great differences in height. 

There are two varieties of adjustable stroller handles:

  • Rotating Handles: The handle is able to pivot between 25-75 degrees to make it a few inches higher. The handlebars lock either parallel to the ground or rotate up to be diagonal to increase the height.
  • Telescoping Handles: This function allows the handle to expand and contract to change the height and length. These are also called extending handlebars and help provide a little more room for your feet as well.

It’s important to note that it’s near impossible to find an umbrella stroller with adjustable handles. This is often because the strollers are very lightweight and tip easier.

Handlebar Extensions for Strollers

Alternatively, some full size and umbrella strollers offer a handle extender for the stroller. These attachments can provide a few more crucial inches to the length and height of the handlebar, especially for the non-adjustable strollers. 

They’re also ideal if you’ve already purchased a stroller that doesn’t adjust.

What is the tallest stroller?

The tallest strollers have a handlebar height right around 48 inches off the ground. Stroller manufacturers like BOB and a couple of others used to make strollers with handlebars in the 50-inch range, but those appear to have been discontinued (likely due to low demand).

Some stroller extender handles may get you a couple more inches on top of that, however, this requires you to purchase a separate accessory you’d need to always bring with you.

Best Strollers for Tall Parents Reviews

Best Overall Stroller for Tall Parents: Baby Jogger Mini GT2

Best Stroller for Tall Parents

The Mini GT2 by Baby Jogger is a lightweight stroller with an adjustable handlebar that reaches 43.5 inches. This should be high enough for most parents that are on the taller side.

The smooth suspension, swiveling front wheel, and near-flat reclining make this stroller an incredible ride for your baby. With a one-hand folding function and ability to hold bigger toddlers up to 65 pounds, it makes a great stroller for even the tallest parents.


  • Adjustable handlebar which reaches up to a comfortable 43.5 inches
  • Capacity up to 65 pounds in case your child is big like mom or dad
  • Easy to fold using just one hand by pulling on the seat strap
  • Easy access to the parking brake right on the handlebar
  • Effortless pushing and smooth ride for baby with suspension and large wheels
  • Comfortable near-flat reclining and adjustable leg rest for your child
  • Extra-large sun canopy with peek a boo window and UV 50 protection from the sun
  • Durable to withstand being tossed around and great stroller for all rugged terrain


  • Slightly bulky and will not stand on its own when folded up
  • Attachment for car seat models other than the City GO Infant Car Seat
  • Storage basket has a support bar across it which limits space 

Handlebar Function: Adjustable (Rotating)

Maximum Handle Height: 43.5”

Best Umbrella Stroller for Tall Parents: UPPAbaby G-LUXE

Best Tall Umbrella Stroller

When looking for strollers for parents that are above average height, you often look for adjustable handlebars. However, this is a feature that is almost non-existent when it comes to lightweight umbrella strollers.

Thankfully, the UPPAbaby G-LUXE is a taller umbrella stroller that is incredibly lightweight and portable. The handles reach 43 inches which is a good 2-3 inches higher than most umbrella strollers.


  • Handle height at 43 inches makes it a uniquely-tall umbrella stroller
  • Super light at just 16 pounds which is great for travel or quick outings
  • Carry strap perfect for tall parents to haul the lightweight stroller when not in use
  • Taller seat back if your kid ends up being tall as well
  • Removable stroller fabrics can be machine washed
  • Stands on its own when the lightweight stroller is folded up
  • Easy one-step foot brake to keep the stroller in place
  • High-quality design makes it one of the best-looking umbrella strollers
  • One-handed reclining and adjustable footrest


  • Canopy could be larger to provide more coverage from the sun
  • Two hands are often required to open or close the stroller
  • Foot brake can be stiff and require more force to lock

Handlebar Function: Non-Adjustable

Maximum Handle Height: 43”

Best Jogger Stroller for Tall Parents: BOB Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller

Jogging Strollers with Adjustable Handle

The BOB Revolution PRO jogging stroller is the perfect companion for parents of any size to hit the street, trail, or beach. The handlebar adjusts by rotating with a maximum height of 48 inches which makes it about the tallest stroller you’ll find.

These all-terrain strollers handle anything you throw at them and provide an incredibly smooth ride for joggers with a locking front wheel, air-filled tires, and suspension system. This is what makes them the best strollers for tall joggers.


  • Very tall jogging stroller with adjustable handle up to 48 inches tall
  • Front-wheel swivels and locks for jogging and general needs around town
  • Air-filled tires help absorb the impact of bumps
  • Simple one-hand folding makes storing and putting in trunk easy
  • Mountain bike-like suspension system with 3 inches of travel for increased comfort and agility
  • Hand brake right on the handle makes the stroller great for rough terrain or jogging
  • Five-point harness to make sure your baby is secure during a jog or hike
  • Holds up to 75 pounds for bigger or taller kids
  • Reflective accents for increased safety when jogging at dusk/dawn


  • Takes some effort to remove the front and rear wheels for transporting
  • Bulky when folded up which can make carrying long distances awkward
  • Wheel adjustment to fix swivel or drifting can be touchy and isn’t located on the handlebar

Handlebar Function: Adjustable (Rotating)

Maximum Handle Height: 48”

Best Double Stroller for Tall Parents: Baby Jogger City GT2 Double

Double Stroller for Tall Parents

If you have or are planning a bigger family (pun intended), you’ll want to look at double strollers. Baby Jogger makes some of the best strollers out there and the City GT2 Double is a great option for families with two or more kids.

The suspension system is great for handling bumps and uneven terrain while the reclining seats are ideal for a quick nap. The adjustable handlebars rotate up to a height of 43.5 inches, which works well for taller or shorter parents.


  • Tall double stroller with adjustable handles and a max height of 43.5 inches
  • Agile all-wheel suspension system with large wheels for a smooth ride
  • Simple two-handed folding using the straps on the seats
  • Near-flat reclining for your children to take a nap
  • Large storage basket that can be accessed from the front or rear
  • Two seats and expandable for up to 3 children by attaching a stroller board (sold separately)


  • Stroller is on the heavy side, even for double strollers, at 36 pounds
  • Accessories like the parent console and child tray must be purchased separately
  • Softer fabric is comfortable, but isn’t very resistant to rain or other liquids

Handlebar Function: Adjustable (Rotating)

Maximum Handle Height: 43.5″

Best Travel System Stroller for Tall Parents: Baby Jogger City Select

Strollers with Adjustable Handles

When it comes to travel systems, most are not geared towards parents with above-average height. The City Select by Baby Jogger has an adjustable handlebar that reaches up to 43 inches which should be a good height for most.

This is also one of the most smooth rides for your baby due to the large wheels and several reclining options with an adjustable footrest. They call it the City Select because of the wide range of stroller attachments for infant car seats and several seating configurations if you have two or more children.

Our family has used it with infant car seats and also separate seats with our two kids (toddler and infant). This effectively turned it into a tandem double stroller with an adjustable handlebar that works great for families of all sizes (and heights).


  • Telescoping adjustable handlebar that extends up to 43 inches
  • Great for growing families with the ability to configure the stroller for 1-3 children
  • Variety of attachments for bassinets, infant car seats, an additional seat, or glider board
  • Larger 12-inch wheels help get over rough terrain (or curbs)
  • Multiple reclining positions with an adjustable footrest for added comfort
  • Extra-large storage basket with zippered sides for diaper bags, lunches, or other baby gear


  • Stroller is heavy and doesn’t stand up on its own when folded
  • Folding takes two hands and may need to remove the car seat with some attachments
  • Attachment costs add up quickly as you expand the stroller functionality

Handlebar Function: Adjustable (Expanding/Telescoping)

Maximum Handle Height: 43.1”

Best Bassinet Stroller or Pram for Tall Parents: UPPAbaby VISTA V2

Best Tall Stroller with Bassinet

Finding a classic bassinet or pram stroller that works for taller individuals was a bit of a challenge. The market isn’t very large for bassinet strollers as it is with most parents opting for a standard single stroller or a travel system.

However, the UPPAbaby Vista is a great option that is a full-size single stroller that comes with an attachable bassinet. The telescoping handlebar also reaches up to 42.5 inches above the ground which should be comfortable for most parents.


  • Includes bassinet and full-size toddler seat to transition your child as they grow
  • Telescoping handlebar reaches to a comfortable height of 42.5 inches
  • Bassinet is large enough for your baby to nap or sleep overnight
  • Extra-large and expandable canopy provides more protection from the sun
  • All-wheel suspension and softer tires make for a very smooth ride
  • Expandable to attach an additional seat and a ride along stroller board to carry a third child
  • Higher seatback is great for taller children
  • Quality designed bassinet stroller for taller parents and city dwellers


  • Higher cost compared to other prams or non-bassinet strollers
  • May need to remove the seat when storing if space is limited
  • Folding requires two hands and the stroller is on the heavier side

Handlebar Function: Adjustable (Expanding/Telescoping)

Maximum Handle Height: 42.5”

Handle Functions and Max Heights for Popular Strollers

Full Size Single Strollers

StrollerHandlebar FunctionMax Handle Height
Baby Jogger City Mini GT (Our Pick)Adjustable (Rotating)43.5″
Baby Jogger City MiniNon-Adjustable41.5″
Cybex Balios SAdjustable (Telescoping)43.3″
UPPAbaby CRUZAdjustable (Telescoping)43”
Britax B-AgileNon-Adjustable40.5”
Britax B-FreeAdjustable (Rotating)44”
Chicco Bravo / Bravo LEAdjustable (Rotating)42″
Chicco ViaroNon-Adjustable40″
Chicco CortinaAdjustable (Rotating)43″
Chicco UrbanAdjustable (Telescoping)40.5″
Evenflo Pivot ModularNon-Adjustable40″
NUNA Mixx2Adjustable (Telescoping)42″
Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel SystemNon-Adjustable41.25”
Peg Perego BookletAdjustable (Rotating)43.3″
Graco Aire3 Click ConnectNon-Adjustable40.7″
Graco FastAction Fold Travel SystemNon-Adjustable41″

Lightweight or Umbrella Strollers

StrollerHandlebar FunctionMax Handle Height
UPPAbaby G-LUXE (Our Pick)Non-Adjustable43″
Baby Jogger City TourNon-Adjustable38″
Baby Jogger City Tour LUXNon-Adjustable39″
UPPAbaby MINUNon-Adjustable41″
BABYZEN YOYO+Non-Adjustable42″
Chicco Mini Bravo / Mini Bravo PlusNon-Adjustable41.5″
Chicco LitewayNon-Adjustable39″
Chicco Keyfit CaddyAdjustable (Rotating)41.5″
GB Pockit / Pockit PlusNon-Adjustable39″
Mountain Buggy NanoNon-Adjustable38.5″
ZOE XLT DELUXENon-Adjustable39″
ZOE XL1 BEST (v2)Non-Adjustable40.25″
Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience StrollerNon-Adjustable42″

Jogger Strollers

StrollerHandlebar FunctionMax Handle Height
BOB Revolution PRO Single (Our Pick)Adjustable (Rotating)48″
BOB Revolution SE SingleNon-Adjustable40″
BOB Sport Utility / IRONMAN Single (discontinued)Adjustable (Rotating)48.5″
BOB RamblerNon-Adjustable39.5″
BOB Revolution PRO DuallieAdjustable (Rotating)50.5″
BOB Sport Utility / IRONMAN Duallie (discontinued)Adjustable (Rotating)51″
Baby Jogger Summit X3 SingleNon-Adjustable40″
Baby Jogger Summit X3 DoubleNon-Adjustable40.5″
Bumbleride SpeedAdjustable (Rotating)46″
Bumbleride IndieAdjustable (Rotating)45.5″
Chicco TREAdjustable (Rotating)44″
Joovy Zoom 360 UltralightNon-Adjustable41″
Thule Urban Glide SingleAdjustable (Rotating)44″
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger SingleNon-Adjustable41″
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger DoubleNon-Adjustable42″
Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click ConnectNon-Adjustable42″

Travel System Strollers

StrollerHandlebar FunctionMax Handle Height
Baby Jogger City Select (Our Pick)Adjustable (Telescoping)43.1″
UPPAbaby VISTA V2Adjustable (Telescoping)42.5”
Baby Jogger City Select LUXAdjustable (Telescoping)42.5″
Bugaboo DonkeyAdjustable (Telescoping)42”

Double Strollers

StrollerHandlebar FunctionMax Handle Height
Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double (Our Pick)Adjustable (Rotating)43.5″
Baby Jogger City Mini DoubleNon-Adjustable41.5″
Mountain Buggy DuetAdjustable (Rotating)42″
Joovy ScooterNon-Adjustable41.75”
Joovy Caboose UltralightNon-Adjustable42”
Chicco Echo TwinNon-Adjustable41.5″
Chicco Cortina TogetherAdjustable (Rotating)44″
Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LXNon-Adjustable42″
Graco DuoGlider Click Connect StrollerNon-Adjustable41″

Bassinet Strollers

StrollerHandlebar FunctionMax Handle Height
UPPAbaby VISTA V2 (Our Pick)Adjustable (Telescoping)42.5”
Roan Rocco Classic PramAdjustable (Rotating)43”
Evenflo Pivot ModularNon-Adjustable40”
Bugaboo Donkey2 (Duo)Adjustable (Telescoping)42”
Silver Cross Balmoral PramNon-Adjustable40”
BABY JOY Baby StrollerAdjustable43.5″
Cynebaby Convertible Bassinet StrollerAdjustable (Rotating)43.7”
VEVOR Foldable Newborn StrollerAdjustable (Rotating)43.7”
Besrey 2-In-1 Newborn Baby StrollerAdjustable (Rotating)41”


The best strollers for tall parents out of those we reviewed is the Baby Jogger Mini GT2. The stroller provides a lightweight design, extending handlebars that reach up to 43.5 inches, and is capable of holding children up to 65 pounds.

We also liked the UPPAbaby G-LUXE as a good tall umbrella stroller, BOB Revolution PRO for tall joggers, or the Baby Jogger City Select which can expand to keep up with growing families. All of these top-rated strollers will work great for even the tallest moms and dads.

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