BOB Stroller Review

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Stroller Review

BOB Revolution Flex
BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Stroller Review
BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 is a robust and smooth-riding jogging stroller that's great for runners and even the more adventurous.
Ease of Setup & Use
All-Terrain Handling
What We Like
Smooth suspension system to handle rougher terrain
Adjustable handlebar to find a comfort height
Lightweight aluminum frame makes for easier movement
Plenty of storage for all your personal and baby gear
What Could Be Better
Larger size can make hauling more difficult
Storage basket can be hard to get to with baby onboard
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Last Updated on May 27, 2021

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Before we had children, I honestly didn’t think much went into purchasing a stroller – you find a model that works and, if the price is right, you buy it. I quickly learned that there’s so many things that come under consideration, and there’s no “one size fits all” approach for families. 

This is especially the case for jogging strollers for more active parents. It needs to be light and safe enough for your little one.

In this BOB stroller review, I’ll address all of your stroller-buying concerns and detail why the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 model stands above others in the category.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Jogging Stroller

There’s no way around it: a reliable stroller is an essential component of parenthood. It’s not easy carrying children around all day and toting them through stores can be a nightmare. 

Strollers provide an easy containment solution for children, and with the necessity of it, a good stroller is an investment — you don’t want something with cheap wheels and poor steering. After all, you’re putting your most precious pieces of cargo in it; you want something safe and reliable.

When choosing the best jogging stroller, parents should consider maneuverability, smoothness of the ride, durability, construction, height adjustments, convenience, storage room, easy access to the child, and, perhaps most importantly, safety. In the nonessential category, parents want a stroller that’s just as functional as it is fashionable.

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Stroller Review

The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 is a multipurpose stroller that provides an ultra-smooth ride off-terrain and walking down the sidewalk, with the help of mountain bike-style suspension and air-filled tires. With adjustable nine position handlebars, six storage pockets, an extra-large cargo basket, and a cell phone pocket on the handlebar, this stroller is one of a kind.

BOB Stroller Review

Though the stroller is suitable for everyday use, it’s designed for the more adventurous parent. Whether you’re training for a long distance run or you simply want to take your children into the great outdoors, a jogging stroller is a must-have. 

While the price tag is comparatively higher than other jogging stroller models, the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 is a high-quality investment that will make staying active so much easier.


  • Easy to maneuver with the larger wheels and swivel front wheel
  • Great for long distance runs and everyday exercise
  • Convenient features like an adjustable handlebar, large storage basket, and a place for your cell phone
  • Adjustable suspension system similar to a mountain bike
  • Wide range of available colors
  • Weight capacity of 75 lbs means it’ll grow with your child


  • Heavy and large size can make storage difficult
  • Cargo basket is not very easy to access with baby on board
  • Tires need to be re-inflated occasionally
  • Some accessories like a child snack tray are sold separately

BOB Revolution Flex Stroller Features & Benefits

Folding, Weight, and Portability

A jogging stroller with this many features is bound to come at a heavier weight, coming in at 28.5 pounds. Though it’s at the heavier end, it’s relatively compact. 

The exterior is 46 in. deep, 25 in. wide, 45 in. tall, and the handlebar height can be adjusted from 34.5 in. up to 48 in.

When the stroller is folded, with the wheels on, it’s 38 in. long, 25 in. wide and 16 in. tall, compared to a wheels off folded length of 35 in., 20 in. wide, and 10 in. tall.

The stroller has a weight capacity of 75 lbs, which is more than enough for almost all children.


One of the benefits of pushing around a stroller is using it for storage to hold all of your baby gear and personal belongings. You’ll want space to carry all the necessities you need for your children; including diaper bags, change of clothes, and extra toys (and shopping bags, too!).

The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 doesn’t skimp on storage: it features an extra-large, easy-to-access cargo basket, six storage pockets, and a cell phone holder close to your hands. Additionally, there’s a zippered pocket at the handlebar, a zippered seat-back pocket, two mesh seat-back pockets, and two in-seat snack pockets, which are perfect for stowing extra fruit snacks or other goodies your children like. 

Sun Shade & Protection

Rest assured that your child will be completely secured and protected no matter how intense the sun is. Your baby will be safe from its harmful rays because the jogging stroller features the highest UPF 50+ sun protection.

It also has a convenient “peek and chat” window to allow you to lift the fabric to check on your child. Even better, it includes a magnetic closure in place of noisy Velcro, ensuring that your check-ins won’t disturb a sleeping child. Additionally, it has a ventilated section, so your child can hear you talk, and you can actually hear what they’re saying.

Finally, it features water-resistant canvas sport fabric to ensure children stay dry if you happen to be caught in a drizzle. For those that like to jog in low sunlight, it has a reflective canopy and basket accents to help you stand out, which is essential to ensure visibility if you’re still out when the sun goes down.

Front Wheel & Maneuverability

Though the technical aspects aren’t as fun as other stroller features like the colors, storage, and comfort, they’re essential for parents when deciding which jogging stroller to purchase. 

In terms of wheels, a jogging stroller includes three: one 12 in. tire in the front, and two 16 in. tires in the rear. The tires are pneumatic, which means they’re air-filled and will have to be refilled as necessary, especially if you’re taking it on rougher terrain or live in an area with big temperature swings.

Speaking of rougher terrain, the tire treads are all-terrain, and the stroller itself features mountain bike-style suspension. The shocks near the seated area help absorb any impacts from bumps.

Finally, the wheel, rim, and spokes are all created with high-impact composite, and the front wheel features a 360-degree design to allow for sharp turns and quick, smooth corrections.

Infant Car Seat Compatibility

While the adapters are sold separately, the BOB stroller can be used with Britax, BOB Gear, Chicco, Peg Perego, Graco, Nuna, Maxi Cosi, and Cybex brand infant car seats. 

The adapters allow you to turn this single jogging stroller into a travel system with the use of a car seat. This flexibility is great if you have your eye on a particular infant car seat.

Seat Function

The stroller features fully upright seating and a near-flat recline. We love this because it ensures our children will be comfortable whether they’re awake and looking around or napping in comfort. 

Additionally, it includes a compression comfort seat with seat-back ventilation and, for safety, a 5-point harness that is easy-adjust and requires no-rethread. 

Setup & Ease of Use

We’re parents — juggling is nothing new for us. Besides seeking a product that works, we also want something that’ll make our lives easier while we maneuver and use the stroller in our everyday lives.

To that end, the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 stroller features a foam handlebar grip to ensure comfort. Their jogging stroller also includes a foot pedal-operated break, which is perfect for locking the stroller in place and eliminating the need to bend down and fiddle with a parking brake.

The adjustable handlebar is a great feature, as it offers nine positions and a variety of heights to make switching stroller handlers easier than ever. This is great for parents of different heights that need to find a height that’s comfortable.

It also includes a handlebar wrist strap and chassis lock and offers one-handed recline adjustment. The wrist strap is an extra safety precaution in case the stroller starts to get away.

When it comes to packing the stroller away, it’s an easy two-step fold stroller that can be done with one hand. This two-step process reduces the amount of stress you feel when hauling other strollers in and out of the trunk.

Alternative Jogging and All-Terrain BOB Strollers

Of course, the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 stroller isn’t the only suitable option for parents — the company has an entire portfolio of BOB strollers with unique features. Here is a brief stroller review for each of their main models.

BOB Alterrain Pro Stroller

For you especially outdoorsy parents, the Alterrain Pro was built just for you. While it’s more expensive than the Revolution Flex 3.0 stroller; it features the SmoothShox suspension system and an ergonomic handbrake to give you downhill control.

BOB Alterrain Pro

Finally, the zip-top cargo basket closes tight to secure all gear. There’s also a one-handed folding feature, which is easy to use and makes the packing up process more comfortable.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame for speed and maneuverability
  • Carrying handle to haul it to the car
  • Excellent suspension system to handle rough terrain
  • Adjustable handlebar for extra comfort
  • Five storage pockets for all of your baby gear
  • One-hand reclining to help your baby relax
  • Can be used with Britax, BOB Gear, Graco, Peg Perego and Chicco

If you’re a multitasking parent who loves hiking outdoors and getting off the beaten path, the BOB Alterrain Pro Stroller is the best fit for you.

BOB Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller

The name says it all — the BOB Stroller Strides Fitness is designed with athletically-inclined parents in mind, who prefer running outside instead of running on a treadmill.

BOB Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller

To sweeten the deal, it even comes with a fitness kit, including a handlebar console exercise manual and fitness resistance bands. Even better, it’s around the same price as the BOB Flex Revolution 3.0, though it has significantly fewer frills.

  • Front wheel with swivel-locking technology
  • Easy-access peek-a-boo window
  • Comfort seat with compression
  • Can only be used with an BOB Gear and Britax infant car seat (infant car seat adapter sold separately)

If you’re passionate about working out and getting outside to do it, this is the stroller for fitness-minded parents.

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Stroller

This summary is going to be short. The only differences between the Duallie and the regular Revolution Flex 3.0 are that the Duallie has room for two children, instead of just one, and includes ten storage pockets.

BOB Revolution Duallie
  • Spacious cargo baskets
  • Two zippered handlebar pockets and seat-back pockets, and four snack holders in-seat.
  • Can be used with Graco, Britax, Chicco, Graco, BOB Gear, and Peg Perego, and infant car seat adapters sold separately

This stroller is for parents seeking all the benefits of the Revolution Flex 3.0, but with the capacity to hold two children.

BOB Rambler Stroller

Perhaps the most lightweight, compact stroller on our list, the Rambler is designed for light outdoor adventures.

BOB Rambler Stroller

It features 12 in. air-filled tires all around compared to the usual 16 in. rear tires to save space. However, it’s only available in one color option and costs a little less than the Revolution Flex 3.0.

  • Roomy seating for your little one
  • Canvas fabric that’s water-resistant
  • Almost horizontal recline and easy to fold
  • Full sun protection
  • Can be used with BOB Gear, Britax, Grace, Maxi Cosi, Peg Perego, Cybex, Nuna, and Chicco brands, with separate adapters

The Rambler Stroller is an excellent option for parents who want a more affordable, compact version that doesn’t need the heavy-duty reinforcements of the other models on this list.

BOB Blaze Stroller

Just like the name implies, the Blaze Stroller is designed for avid runners who want to bring their children on training runs with them. It features 16 in. tires all around on a lightweight aluminum alloy wheel. This model comes in at a little higher price than the Revolution Flex 3.0. 

  • Cup holders are easily accessible 
  • Front wheel tracking that’s adjustable making it easy to push
  • Oversized, zip-top storage compartment underneath the stroller
  • Recline adjustment with one hand
  • Can be used with Cybex, Britax, Chicco, Nuna, Peg Perego, BOBGear, Maxi Cosi, and Graco brands, though adapters are sold separately.

The Blaze stroller is the ideal option for parents who are avid runners and seek to bring their children along with them.

BOB Sport Utility (Discontinued)

The BOB Sport Utility was built for rough terrain. The large wheel design and suspension system was made to handle anything you throw it at. Keep in mind, the BOB Sport Utility was discontinued in 2015 so you’ll need to purchase a BOB Alterrain or Alterrain Pro instead.

BOB Revolution Pro

While not officially discontinued by BOB, it has since been replaced by the Alterrain line of BOB strollers.

What is the BOB Revolution SE stroller?

The BOB Revolution SE single stroller was comparable to the Flex 3.0 and Rambler models you can still find in the BOB stroller lineup. Without a doubt, the BOB Revolution SE was one of BOB’s best selling strollers for several years and received high ratings almost across the board.

The BOB Revolution SE had a swiveling front wheel with a locking mechanism to allow it to work as a fixed front wheel stroller. This is ideal for parents that like to jog.

However, keep in mind that the BOB Revolution SE Single stroller was discontinued by BOB Gear in 2015.

This followed a number of reported incidents with the quick-release front wheel on BOB Revolution SE and other stroller models made between January 2009 – September 2015. While a recall was not issued, this issue has been addressed by BOB in an Information Campaign and they’re offering to replace the bolt holding the front wheel on the BOB Revolution SE and other qualified BOB strollers.

This is likely at least part of the reason BOB strollers went through a rebranding effort which introduced new models such as the Alterrain, Alterrain Pro, Revolution Flex 3.0, and others. While you can still buy the BOB Revolution SE through some retailers, you won’t be able to get it through BOB Gear.

If you want a stroller that’s just as great as the BOB Revolution SE single stroller with nearly all the same features, we highly recommend the Flex 3.0 model.


BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 is the ideal stroller for busy, on-the-go parents who want to ensure a smooth ride for their child. For nighttime strolls or daytime jogs, the shock suspension absorbs any bumps, and the storage compartments are roomy and plentiful.

It’s easily-customizable, adjustable, and designed to help operate the stroller with ease. Most parents will find a lot to like about the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 since it’s a great all-purpose single jogging stroller that can handle almost all terrains.

If you’re looking for a stroller that can handle more rugged adventures, we’d recommend the BOB Alterrain Pro stroller. This stroller was built to withstand all the bumps and give your baby as smooth of a ride as possible on the trails.

Finally, if you are a more active parent when it comes to exercise routines, we recommend the BOB Stroller Strides. It lacks all the extras and unnecessary features of the full jogging strollers, but the lightweight design makes it perfect for parents focused on exercise and getting fit.

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