LILLEbaby Carrier Review

LILLEbaby Complete Baby Carrier Review

LILLEbaby Complete Baby Carrier
LILLEbaby Complete All Seasons Review
The LILLEbaby Complete All Seasons carrier provides comfort and flexibility no matter your body size or shape. The breathable mesh fabric makes sure both baby and you stay cool on those extra warm days.
Carry Position Options
Ease of Use
Parent & Baby Comfort
What We Like
Excellent airflow and breathability with mesh fabric
Flexibility to carry small infants to toddlers (up to 45 lbs)
Extra comfortable with lumbar support for parent and padding for baby
What Could Be Better
Adjustments and position changes are difficult without taking the carrier off
Snapping the rear buckle can be difficult without help
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Last Updated on December 22, 2020

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We’re huge fans of babywearing in our household. It’s a great hands-free option to keep your baby close while you get a few things done around the house or for a quick trip to the store.

Unfortunately, my lower back isn’t so enthusiastic. I used to think back pain was just part of holding your little one, but really, I wasn’t using the right baby carrier for proper lumbar support.

If I had found the LILLEbaby Complete All Seasons carrier a few years ago, I might have saved myself a few backaches. I’ll explain why a great carrier like the LILLEbaby Complete makes a huge difference, especially for frequent and extended wearing.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Baby Carrier

The ideal baby carrier is just as comfortable for your little one as it is for you. It supports your baby’s bottom with their hips at a healthy angle, allowing you the freedom to stroll on the beach or tidy up around the house. Keeping your baby close to you is excellent for bonding and can soothe a fussy infant.

If you like going on walks without lugging a stroller along or keeping your baby snuggled up to you while your hands are free, a great baby carrier is going to rock your world. If you tend to carry many accessories with you or don’t want to bother adjusting to different positions, maybe go for a more straightforward option like the LILLElight.

Before you choose a baby carrier, there are a few key considerations to go over:

  • Durability — Are you hoping to wear your newborn until she’s a toddler? A carrier you use for years should be sturdy with options to size up as the baby grows.
  • Comfort — Are you an extended wearer who needs extra lumbar support? You’ll want to make sure the padded shoulder straps extend to fit your waist.
  • Ease of Use — Are you willing to read the owner’s manual to adjust the carrier, or do you need something simple?
  • Climate — Does your baby get a lot of sun or sweat? You’ll need a carrier with a hood and vents for airflow if you live in a warm climate.
  • Cleaning — Can you spot clean this baby carrier or throw it in with a load of laundry? Just like your favorite nursing shirt, your carrier is going to get messy.
  • Safety — How good is the neck support for your baby? The carrier should also provide enough airflow for your baby to breathe easily.

LILLEbaby Complete All Seasons Review

The LILLEbaby Complete All Seasons carrier is a super-versatile, comfortable, and well-structured baby carrier. Not only does it support six different babywearing positions, but you can also use the same carrier for newborns and toddlers alike. 

LILLE Baby Carrier Review

While conducting our research of other baby carriers, we found it very similar to the ErgoBaby Omni360, which also carries newborns without a seat insert. The cushioned shoulder pads and plushy lumbar support will make you forget you’re even carrying a tiny human… almost!

Scandinavian company LILLEbaby creates sturdy carriers to simplify parenthood with sleek products. Based on the number of beautiful pattern options for the LILLEbaby Complete, we say this checks out.


  • Amazing lumbar support to decrease back pain
  • Versatile wearing options to find the right position that works for baby and you
  • No infant insert needed to keep the bulk down and provides 2-way neck support
  • Excellent ventilation with breathable mesh to help with sweaty babies or parents
  • Padded shoulder straps and extendable waist belt to find optimal comfort


  • Small pocket so it doesn’t double as a purse
  • Only two seat sizes with the narrow seat used for newborns and the wide seat ensures good hip support
  • Position switching requires you to remove the baby

LILLEbaby Carrier Features & Benefits

Now, let’s get into the details of this carrier. You’ll want to know if your baby can doze off in pure comfort and exactly how difficult it is to adjust between positions. Read on about the various features in our LILLEbaby Complete All Seasons review.

Baby Comfort 

The LILLEbaby carrier is so versatile that both a 7-pound newborn and 4-year-old toddler can easily fall asleep once strapped in. That’s right—the LILLEbaby Complete supports children up to 45 pounds, which sounds like an impossible task to me. Still, you could very well try wearing your toddler in their heavier years with the excellent weight distribution on this carrier.

You don’t need an infant insert to carry your tiniest baby. Just size down to the narrow seat (it comes with two options), and the baby’s hips will be supported whether she wants to rest in the fetal position or let them hang out. The extra neck support is also great for infants that are still working on maturing these muscles.

As a parent of a picky baby myself, I appreciate the many options for carrying positions. It’s hard to imagine there won’t be something for every kid, whether they prefer to be forward-facing, on the hip, or parent-facing. In case of overheating, a mesh panel can unzip to allow more airflow.

Parent Comfort 

One of the main highlights of this carrier is weight distribution. The lumbar support strap saves you from aches and pains with a triangular pad that cushions your lower back. I also love that you can cross the back straps in an X for more comfortable shoulder bearing. 

As you get into extended babywearing, the LILLEbaby Complete is significantly less of a strain on the body than other carriers. I could’ve used those padded shoulder straps to absorb all the bouncing when I used to wear my little ones on long hikes. 

The strap padding is quite broad and thick, which may really suit Dad when it’s his turn to carry. However, the LILLEbaby carrier provides plenty of comfort and flexibility even for the most petite parents. 

Making sure you have adequate lumbar support is absolutely critical if you plan to carry your baby for many hours at a time.

Ease of Use 

While there is a range of different carrying positions, the multi-step process of changing between them puts a bit of a damper on this product. I know that I don’t always have five minutes to wrestle with my carrier while my toddler wreaks havoc behind my back. 

This is not a product that’s going to be user-intuitive right out of the box. The maze of straps, adjusters, pads, and zipping compartments quickly become confusing unless you have the directions right in front of you. 

My advice is to settle on a favorite carrying position and stick with it for as long as you can. Likewise, adjust the straps before you head out if you’re planning on handing the LILLEbaby carrier off to a family member. Otherwise, you’re in for a headache if you need to make all those changes on the go. 

Carrying Positions 

With a total of six carrying positions, the LILLEbaby Complete really does have something for everyone. I love that you have the option of tucking your newborn’s tiny legs into the fetal position or letting them hang down in the infant-inward position.

You can use the “ergonomic outward” position to face your baby to the world starting at 6 months old. Babies and toddlers at 6 months can enjoy the hip, toddler-inward, or back carry.

Here are all the variations of positions you can carry your baby:

  • 0-3 Months: Fetal Position Carry
  • 0-12 Months: Infant Inward Carry
  • 6-18 Months: Ergonomic Outward or Forward-Facing Carry
  • 6 Months Plus: Hip Carry, Toddler Inward Carry, and Back Carry

Ease of Cleaning 

LILLEbaby Complete says you can machine wash the Complete All Seasons carrier in cold water and hang dry, which is easy enough. It can also be a little more challenging to spot clean than other fabrics due to the mesh design. 

Also, throwing it in the washer every day isn’t great if you need to wait several hours for it to dry. Make sure you give yourself at least overnight to make sure it’s fully dried before heading out.


There’s a pocket below the strap, but it’s a little small for holding all your necessities. If your phone gets bigger every year like mine, you’ll likely need to keep it in your purse, diaper bag, or another bag that fits your baby gear.

Sun Protection 

This LILLEbaby carrier comes with a protective hood for the baby. The hood is perfect for your infant during trips to the beach, zoo, or park to keep the sun out of their face.

We like that the hood is removable, but the only place to stash it is the one small pocket, which might be too packed with your keys and odds and ends to fit anything else.

Alternative LILLEbaby Carriers

The LILLEbaby Complete may not work for everyone, and luckily, the company has several other models to find the right fit. We see a common thread of sturdy design, easy customization, and good lumbar support between all of these baby carriers. Still, each one has different perks that might meet your specific needs.


If you often sweat a lot and need a little more airflow, the LILLEbaby Airflow might be perfect for you. The carrier is made of breathable mesh that covers the parts that come in contact with your baby and you. This extra airflow and ventilation will keep baby happy and cool while making extended carrying a little more enjoyable.


If you need a baby carrier with a larger waistband, the LILLEbaby Serenity model sizes up to 3XL. It comes with three different seat positions that are simpler to switch between than we’ve observed with the Complete. You’ll still get a zip-down front panel, or you can get a carrier made of entirely breathable mesh if you spring for the Serenity Airflow.


Some parents need a more rugged option, and this is where the LILLEbaby Pursuit really shines. You can choose from “Sport,” “All-Weather,” and “Pro” options, each featuring a similar waterproof shell and temperature-control mesh panel. You’ll also get many more pockets—hooray! Another place to stash your camping accessories.


If you’re like me, you’ll do anything to simplify your life while parenting. The LILLEbaby LILLElight caught my eye with its easy, intuitive design that lacks all the other models’ bells and whistles. Sometimes simpler is better, and I love that you can tie the carrier’s ends under your baby’s bottom instead of fussing with buckles and straps. This is a great leisure option for quick trips and wearing around the house.


Little ones enjoy sitting on your hip as they grow up, and this is where the LILLEbaby SeatMe really shines. You can begin using it while your baby is a newborn, then rotate through the five different positions until you land on the hip seat at six months old. It takes all the balance off of juggling a baby on your hip while you feed or bounce her. It also comes with pockets and a comfortable mesh design.

Carry On

Maybe you’re nearly outgrowing your LILLEbaby Complete. Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly carry more weight, the LILLEbaby Carry On is here to support toddlers up to sixty pounds. I’m tempted to piggyback my three-year-old in crowded public spaces, and the Carry On lets you do that hands-free with lumbar support for growing kids.


Take a lesson from me, and don’t just “suck it up” when your spine is on fire after twenty minutes of carrying your infant on a walk. Babywearing doesn’t have to be a pain, and you can save your body plenty of undue stress by using a carrier like the LILLEbaby Complete

The padded, customizable shoulder straps, and cushiony lumbar support help distribute the weight evenly, whether your children are 10 or 45 pounds. I love the durable construction with high-quality material, so you know it will last until your toddler is finally ready to walk on his own.

This LILLEbaby carrier provides great neck support for smaller babies and comes with a wide seat that can be swapped out to hip carry children up to 45 pounds. Your infant will love the comfortable padding that surrounds them as they snuggle in close to your body.

Don’t be like me and suffer during the long days of carrying your infant. If you’re ready to give your back a break, try out the LILLEbaby Complete baby carrier

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