Moby vs Boba Wrap

Moby vs Boba Wraps: Which is Best and How do They Compare?

Last Updated on April 30, 2021

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If you’re like most parents, you’re often busy with not enough time in a day to get everything done. There is work to finish, food to cook, and calls to make; the list can continue forever. Your to-do list, though, is sidelined when your hands aren’t free.

That’s why many hard-pressed parents turn to a baby wrap carrier to make life a little easier.

We reviewed two of the most popular wraps head-to-head, Moby vs Boba, so you can feel confident in your purchase, knowing your child is safe and snug.

Comparing Boba vs Moby Wraps

The Moby wrap has fabric that is longer in length and is made of 100% cotton. The Boba is slightly shorter and is made of 95% cotton with 5% spandex material to give it a softer feel to the touch. The wrap fabric on both the Boba and Moby feels similar and is soft and machine washable for easy care. However, the wrap material is heavier which may be uncomfortable for the baby and you during hot weather.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the features of the Moby wrap vs Boba wrap. 

FeaturesMoby WrapBoba Wrap
Wrap Length22 inches wide and 5.5 meters long; extra-long wrap is 6 meters or nearly 20 feet19 inches wide and 5 meters long (just over 16 feet)
Size OptionsOne size fits allOne size fits all
Wrap OptionsAvailable in “Classic,” “Flex,” and “Evolution” wrapsAvailable in one wrap form with several fabric options
Fabric TypeThe Classic is 100% cotton while the Evolution is 70% viscose fabric, 30% cottonMade primarily of viscose fabric, with a 95% French terry cotton and 5% spandex blend.
Ease of UseLong piece of fabric can be challenging to wrapSimilar design to the Moby; length of cloth can be difficult to wrap
Minimum Weight of Baby8 lbsNone; works for newborn babies and preemies
Maximum Weight of Baby33 pounds35 pounds
Color Options9 colors, 5 pattern options11 colors, 3 patterns
ColorWhite and BlueWhite and Pink
Washing MethodsMachine washable with cold water on a gentle cycle; hang dry or dry on the lowest settingMachine washable cold on a gentle cycle; hang dry or dry on the lowest setting
WarrantyManufacturer’s warranty availableFull one-year warranty
PriceSimilar affordable range
(Check Price)
Similar affordable range
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Boba vs Moby Wrap Reviews

Below we’ll cover both the wraps from Moby and Boba separately to explain how they work and the benefits they provide. We’ll also cover areas where there are differences in how the Boba vs Moby makes your life a little easier.

Moby Wrap Review

The Moby wrap is cuddly, warm, and fits the body of any caretaker. The company offers three different types of wrap; the Classic, Flex, and Evolution. The difference between the three products comes down to the kind of fabric.

Moby Wrap
Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

The Moby wrap is a soft and stretchy wrap that is a favorite among babywearers. It’s made of a supportive blend of cotton and spandex, so it’s breathable, comfortable, and flattering.

The Classic, for example, is made of 100% cotton. Its knit-design makes this soft-structured carrier denser, thicker and sturdier for your baby. The Evolution is 70% viscose fabric and 30% cotton; it’s designed to be more breathable and less hot than the classic. The Flex is a newer wrap for the company— it’s made of 100% polyester fabric and has a mesh design. This option is intended for high-performance movement and hot weather.

The Moby wrap design is pretty straightforward – it’s one long piece of fabric, generally well over 16 feet. Users have the option to cocoon their baby in unlimited ways with this carrier, although the company recommends wrapping in a “hug hold” to maximize baby safety. 

The fabric is wrapped around the parent’s back, shoulders, stomach, and waist several times to create a pocket for the baby. The baby slides into the front of the wrap, facing the user’s chest. When the wrap wearer wants to remove the baby, you simply slide them upwards and out of the wrap. It’s a sturdy design; with the classic wrap, in particular, users can wear it for several hours without any sagging.


  • One size will fit any parent or caretakers
  • Thick, stretchy fabric
  • Fits child as they grow into a toddler
  • Easily washable for reuse
  • Holds babies up to 33 pounds


  • Denser cotton fabric could leave you or your baby feeling warm during hot weather
  • Wrap is much longer than most; it may drag along the ground
  • Length of the baby carrier could make it difficult to tie or maneuver

Boba Wrap Review

At first glance, the Boba baby wrap carrier may seem very similar to the Moby wrap. It’s soft, over 16 feet in length, and consists of one long stretch of cloth.

Boba Wrap
Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

The Boba baby wrap is a versatile, soft, stretchy cotton blend wrap that your baby can snuggle up tight in. It is so versatile, you can use it as a baby wrap, nursing cover, shopping cart cover, stroller cover, and more.

The Boba baby wrap is significantly stretchier than its Moby competitor. Designers made the Boba with viscose fabric, cotton, and spandex. That spandex gives the Boba some mobility that makes it stand out from competitors. The Boba still does provide a sturdy and supportive pocket for your baby, however.

This Boba is great for parents who want to give their baby some flexibility to move around a bit while cocooned. It’s easily cleaned and can be tossed in the dryer on a low cycle.

There are only a couple of ways to tie the Boba, making the instructions and learning process a bit easier to follow for new parents. The length of this wrap, though, is still over 15 feet. It may feel difficult to adjust the first time you use it. 

The Boba promises to comfortably hold your child, provide easy access for you to adjust your baby, and flexibility for the child to move around, while also eliminating any guesswork for learning to tie the wrap. It’s especially great for new and learning parents.


  • Soft, stretchy fabric made of 95% French terry cotton and 5% spandex
  • Easily cleaned and is machine washable for reuse
  • Wrap is designed for a safe newborn hold up to toddlers
  • Affordable product with helpful warranty
  • Holds babies up to 35 pounds


  • Stretchy material may cause a larger child to bounce around more
  • Several users report the fabric isn’t very breathable 
  • Length may be challenging to adjust, especially for inexperienced users

Boba Wrap vs Moby Wrap Similarities

Colors and Designs

The Moby classic comes in 9 different colors and there are a handful of different patterns you can choose from, including three Disney designs. The cotton fabric is soft to the touch and easy to clean. 

If you’re opting for the Moby evolution or flex designs, there are fewer colors and pattern options to choose from, but there are at least a couple of options for buyers. 

Boba offers one type of wrap with several color and pattern options.

With both companies, buyers can find a functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing wrap. They’re fashion-forward while still prioritizing safety for both you and your little one. 

While this article primarily explores the Boba vs. Moby wrap, we do want to point out that both companies offer sturdy baby carrier options if you’d like to keep your child close but need more of a structural support system. 

One Size for All

A unique and beneficial feature of both the Boba and Moby wraps is that they’re one size. This is much better since you don’t need different baby carriers for you, your partner, and any caregivers. The simple design allows moms and dads to fit the fabric comfortably to their body type for hands-free baby wearing. 

If you’re plus-size, petite-sized, athletically-built, or a completely different body type, you can feel confident knowing that your wrap will fit your body. 

Free Consultations

To learn how to adjust and tie your Boba wrap, the Boba company offers several tutorials online. The company also provides free video “fit-consultations” for users who may need a bit of extra help one-on-one with a certified educator. 

Moby offers a similar consultation process with certified educators through Facetime, Zoom, or Skype. This one-on-one service is also free. Both companies deliver video tutorials, step-by-step instructions, and various helpful services to ensure that caregivers are safely applying and using their wraps. The companies prioritize safety.


When it comes to cost, the Moby and Boba comparison is relatively equal. Across the company’s websites, you can expect to find similar costs.

They’re affordable options and cheaper than several other high-end baby wraps on the market. With some vendors, though, you may find the Boba baby wrap carrier is a few dollars less than the Moby. 

Boba Wrap vs Moby Wrap Differences

As we covered comparing the Boba vs Moby wrap, they have a lot of similarities in both fit and function. However, there are some key differences as we’ve compared the Moby wrap vs Boba wrap baby carrier:

Fabric Types

As pointed out in our comparison table, there are several different fabric types you can choose from when selecting a wrap. The Boba wrap utilizes spandex to offer a more mobile-friendly experience for the baby. Moby wraps tend to lean more on cotton for a sturdier, denser fabric design. 

One similarity here, though – both companies offer at least a couple of different fabric types for their wraps.


The Moby wrap and Boba wrap are two of the longer baby wrap carrier models on the market. The Moby wrap is slightly longer than its Boba competitor. On top of that, if you’re concerned the Moby classic design isn’t long enough to create the wrap you’d like, you can opt for an extra-long wrap that is nearly 20 feet long. 

Level of Difficulty 

With their length, both wraps become a bit more arduous to tie onto your body. Their simple design means you’ll have to carefully follow instructions or video tutorials to secure a safe wrap.

The Moby is one of the most popular wraps available today, but many users admit there can be a steep learning curve upfront. The Moby wrap design and extra length may make it difficult to understand and wrap continuously around users’ bodies.

You have the option to tie this wrap in many different ways, but its length may result in part of it dragging along the ground. 

The Boba wrap is a bit shorter. While the Boba still may be challenging to wrap the 16 feet of fabric around your body, it’s intended for only two types of wraps. Ultimately, the Boba may feel easier to follow the instructions because of the fewer wrap options, particularly for new parents. 


The Boba wrap is a soft and stretchy option for your baby. However, its elastic nature could become frustrating on long walks or with heavier babies or toddlers. As the Boba fabric stretches, your baby may bounce around more. It could require users to stop, readjust, and retie the Boba frequently to be sure their child is still snug and secure at all times. 

With the Moby wrap, there isn’t much flexibility with the fabric. While the Moby stretches to accommodate your child, it doesn’t give while you’re using it. The Moby wrap can be worn for a significant amount of time before it needs to be readjusted. It’s designed with sturdiness in mind. 

Maximum Weight Limit

The weight limit on the Boba is between 5 to 35 lbs. The Moby holds babies in the range of 8 to 33 lbs. This gives the Boba a slight edge since it is suitable to use with newborn babies and can be used until your child reaches 35 lbs.

Returns and Warranties

The Boba has a superior return and warranty policy between the two companies. With Boba, customers can return their purchase for free, for up to 60 days. With the Moby wrap, a product must be returned within 30 days.

Things to Consider About Babywearing

Babywearing has existed in many cultures around the world for generations. Mothers, fathers, and caregivers have donned some form of a sling, wrap, or baby carrier to keep their children close while moving about the world. 

There’s a massive benefit to wearing your baby. Scientific research has already largely established the benefits of skin-to-skin contact or kangaroo care; it helps with child growth, breastfeeding success rates, and stronger emotional bonding between baby and mother.

Recent studies have also begun to explore the impacts of babywearing specifically and find that both the parent and the baby can experience therapeutic benefits.

A baby wrap could be beneficial for parents and caregivers. While this article primarily compares Boba vs. Moby wraps, we want to emphasize that both are excellent, safe, and soft choices for both first-time and experienced parents.


Both the Boba and Moby wraps are safe carrier options for babies and parents. They’re affordable and made to fit your child as they grow. That means the wrap could be in it for the long-haul, assisting your child through infancy until the toddler years. 

Babywearing has so many positive impacts; it’s believed to help strengthen the bond between parent and child, increase breastfeeding success, and provide hands free comfort to your child while you tackle the activities you need to get to. 

While you can’t go wrong with either when comparing the Moby wrap vs Boba wrap. However, we lean more toward the Moby wrap after reviewing the two. Its length and learning curve may make it initially harder to use, but it provides so many holding options for your child. 

The Moby wrap’s sturdy fabric and large size will provide support while growing with your child. It doesn’t sag, ensuring you can confidently wear your baby for hours, giving you both cuddle time and time to move around. 

You can check out the Moby wrap and the Boba baby wrap to pick the one that works best for you and your little one.

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